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Peer-assisted study sessions

Sessions and materials

What to bring

Bring all your lecture notes, readings and textbooks for the unit.

Note down any questions you have about lecture content, because the PASS facilitator will ask what you want to focus on in the sessions.

Although facilitators can’t directly address assessment or tutorial questions, they can discuss the relevant topic areas generally.

If you have questions about your studies more broadly, such as study or note-taking strategies, or how to use the library, you can also raise these during your PASS session. You can also find useful information on our study skills pages, such as Reading and note taking or Preparing for exams.

PASS Blackboard

All PASS materials will be uploaded weekly onto the PASS eCommunity in Blackboard. This is accessible to all students in the Business and Law Schools.

To see the PASS materials you will need to enroll in the PASS eCommunity.

  1. Log in to Blackboard LMS.
  2. Under the ‘eCommunities’ tab, select the ‘eCommunity Self-enrolment’ tab.
  3. Find PASS in the list of eCommunities and enter the access code ‘PASS’. This code is case sensitive.
  4. Select ‘Join’.
  5. A green ‘pending’ message will appear. Please wait approximately 5 minutes for your enrolment to be processed

When your enrolment has been processed, you’ll see PASS listed under the ‘eCommunities in which you are self-enrolled’.

If you no longer need access to PASS Blackboard, select the ‘Leave’ button.


The PASS program greatly values your feedback and where possible we make changes according to your suggestions. Ideas that we have responded to include:

  • more PASS sessions in more units of study, including multiple sessions each day, longer sessions and not clustering the sessions around lunch
  • more challenging material
  • providing PASS material in advance
  • better time management of the session
  • providing more answers/sheets/summaries
  • more convenient locations, in rooms closer to the Business School main buildings.

Find out what students have thought about PASS and how we've responded to feedback.

Submit your feedback here.


Information collected for PASS is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone outside of PASS management. Unit of study coordinators do not see the attendance records and no individual student's record is used in reports about the PASS program.

Information collected from you is used for the purposes of registration as well as for statistical analysis at the end of the semester, in which all participants are kept anonymous. This analysis is important for assessing the program's effectiveness and to make improvements in the future.

If you are uncomfortable with the use of your information for any of these purposes, please email the project coordinator at and your information will not be included.

PASS Office

Room 3043, Abercrombie Building (H70), The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
Last updated: 08 December 2017

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