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Semester and year-long exchange

As an undergraduate student, you can apply as early as the end of your first semester to go on exchange. As a postgraduate student, you can apply in your first semester of your masters.

Semester and year-long exchange

Students who have gone on a semester or year-long exchange program have found it to be hugely rewarding experience, building lifetime memories and friendships. A semester or year-long exchange experience adds an international dimension to your studies and helps in the development of new skills and self-confidence. You can view all the semester and year-long programs and partners on the Global Mobility Database.

Some faculties have additional exchange and international study programs that might also be worth exploring. These all have their own eligibility requirements and application process. Refer to the following for information on these programs:

Make sure you read our Study Abroad and Exchange overview page, as there are other programs available, including short-term programs, and information about costs and scholarships you should be aware of.

Types of programs

Exchange programs

The majority of the semester and year-long overseas study programs are exchange programs which means:

  • you will study faculty-approved units of study overseas which are credited towards your degree. This means you shouldn’t have to delay your graduation by studying overseas (unless you go on exchange in your final semester)
  • you remain enrolled full time at the University of Sydney and continue to pay your usual tuition fees and Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) to the University of Sydney
  • a student from your host institution does the same in reverse.

Non-exchange programs

Non-exchange, or “study abroad” programs are different to exchange programs and vary in the way they are administered by the University of Sydney. While with exchange programs you pay fees to the University of Sydney, a non-exchange program involves you enrolling at an overseas university and paying fees to that university.

Most students choose one of the hundreds of exchange partners offered through the Sydney Global Mobility program. You would generally only choose a semester or year-long non-exchange program if there is no exchange partner agreement with the overseas university you want to attend.

If you are interested in a semester or year-long non-exchange program, you will need to contact the overseas university to find out the process for applying. You will also need to look at the units of study available at the chosen university and confirm directly with your unit coordinator or faculty that you can get credit towards your degree for these units.

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