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Semester and year-long exchange

How to get credit

Planning early is the best way to ensure you will get the most out of your time overseas on exchange, and avoid any unnecessary delays to your course progression.

Course requirements

It's important that you understand the requirements and structure of your course (and major(s)), to ensure that you select appropriate units of study at your host institution that can be credited towards your degree. To help understand your course structure, you should consult your handbook for the year you commenced your course. If you commenced your course before 2017, your handbook can be found in the handbook archive.

Advanced planning is essential to get the most out of the exchange program. When selecting your preferred exchange partner institutions, you should consult the course catalogues on the partner's website. You'll need to confirm that there are sufficient units of study available in your field and level of study, and in the semester you are applying to study. If unit of study outlines are available, we recommend you download these and keep them on file for future reference, as you will need to submit them when requesting academic approval.

When preparing your application for exchange, consider whether you will need to complete:

  • units of study towards your major abroad
  • core units abroad
  • 3000-level or 'Advanced' units abroad.

We strongly recommend that you avoid having to complete core units abroad if possible, as it can be difficult to find an exact match to a unit offered here at Sydney. If possible, you may want to rearrange your unit of study selection in the semester immediately before or after exchange, in order to have more flexibility with your unit selection during your exchange semester.

Consult with your faculty/school

If you're enrolled in a professional degree, you may want to consult your Course Coordinator (or equivalent) for academic advice during the application phase.

During your exchange program, you remain enrolled at the University of Sydney while concurrently enrolling overseas at the host institution. You are required to complete a full time study load on exchange.

Transcript and exchange units

The units of study you enrol in overseas will not appear on your University of Sydney transcript. Rather, you will be enrolled in generic 'exchange' units. Upon return from exchange, your faculty will use your official overseas transcript, academic approvals and any other required documents, to provide credit towards your University of Sydney course.

Exchange results are not normally counted in your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) or Annual Average Mark (AAM).

All generic exchange units of study will appear on your Sydney transcript as a result of ‘SR’ (Satisfied Requirements) or 'FR' (Failed Requirements).

Sydney Abroad

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Last updated: 19 August 2019

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