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Short-term overseas programs

Short-term programs are open to current undergraduate students and some postgraduate students, and provide the opportunity to engage in an overseas experience for a shorter period, usually between two and six weeks.

Short-term overseas programs

A short-term program might be better suited to you if your course has limited flexibility for studying overseas and receiving credit. Programs are offered during the summer and winter breaks and can be viewed on the Global Mobility Database.

As an undergraduate student, you can apply as early as your first semester to go on a short-term program during your summer break. You can also undertake a short-term program in addition to a semester or year-long program.

Some faculties have additional short-term opportunities that might also be worth exploring including fieldwork, internships, study tours and placements. These all have their own eligibility requirements and application process.

Make sure you read our Study Abroad and Exchange overview page, as there are other programs available, including semester or year-long programs, and information about costs and scholarships you should be aware of.

Advice and information sessions

If you have questions about short-term programs and options, you can attend an on campus information session held throughout the semester by the Sydney Abroad team. You can also talk to a Sydney Abroad Peer Adviser at the Student Centre, 9am to 5pm weekdays. They have specific knowledge on the destinations, application and process of studying overseas.

Types of programs

We offer both exchange (tuition-waiver) and non-exchange (fee-paying) short-term programs.


In these programs you are enrolled into University of Sydney exchange units of study and receive credit towards your current University of Sydney course. Tuition fees at the host institution are waived and you continue to pay fees to the University of Sydney.


With these programs you can apply to receive academic credit towards your University of Sydney course but it's not mandatory.

You pay your tuition fees to the host institution or program provider and you don't need to be enrolled into corresponding units of study at the University of Sydney. If you are approved to receive credit, this will be applied to your transcript after you return.

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