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Short-term overseas programs

Credit for short-term programs

To participate in a short-term Exchange program, you are required to get academic approval from Faculty Services (Mobility). If you are applying for a Non-Exchange program, you can also apply for academic approval however it isn't mandatory.

Once you start an application in the Global Mobility Database, you will be able to access the academic approval request form and instructions on how to submit a request for academic credit assessment for a short-term overseas study program.

You should apply as soon as you have decided which short-term program you want to complete, to ensure adequate time to process your application.

Step 1 - Choose your overseas program

  • Select a short-term academic program and/or units of study at the overseas institution. Where possible, we recommended you select alternative units in case your preferred choices are not approved or become unavailable.
  • Obtain unit of study outlines/syllabi from the host university for each unit you are requesting approval for (including alternatives).

Step 2 - Apply

  • Find the short-term program in the Global Mobility Database and select 'Apply'.
  • Log in using your UniKey and password.
  • Complete the academic approval request questionnaire found in your Sydney Abroad application. Download and complete the academic application form and submit this with the unit of study outlines. 

What happens next

Your academic approval request will be processed by Faculty Services (Mobility). The outcomes of your request will be sent to your University student email account. Academic approval requests will be prioritised and processed according to program application deadlines.

If you receive academic approval you will need to enrol into the approved units at your host institution.

If you do not receive academic approval you can either:

  • submit another request with alternative units
  • submit another application and academic approval request for an alternative overseas study program
  • complete the overseas study program without receiving credit towards your University of Sydney course*.

*Where exchange places are available, they will be offered to students who have received academic approval.

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