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Special consideration and arrangements

Supporting documents

You will need to provide specific supporting documents with your application.

You may be required to supply originals of these documents at any time during your studies at the University.

These documents need to include the period of time in which you have been impacted, for example the start and end date of your illness, injury or misadventure. 

Conditions of a sensitive or confidential nature

If your circumstances are of a sensitive nature, please indicate when you expect you will be able to complete your assessment or return to your studies. If you need more time at the end of this period, you can submit another application. 

You are not required to disclose the nature of your illness, injury or misadventure. In these circumstances:

  • your professional practitioner can select 'the student is suffering from an illness of a confidential nature' on the Professional Practitioner Certificate
  • when you complete the student statement section of your application, you can state the basis of your request and that your condition or circumstances are of a confidential nature. 

Documents for special consideration

Provide one of the following documents:

  • Statutory declaration and appropriate supporting documents (for example, eviction notice, police report).

Provide either of the following documents accompanied by relevant supporting documents: 

Only dates on the above documents will be applied, so if you are experiencing ongoing effects limiting your ability to study or complete assessments, you need to provide a professional practitioner certificate and any travel-related evidence indicating the extended dates of impact.

Provide the following documents:

If you are unable to obtain a professional practitioner certificate, include a statutory declaration outlining your circumstances, accompanied by supporting documents. Your statutory declaration needs to indicate how your ability to study has been impacted by your circumstances and when you expect to be able to complete your assessments or return to your studies.

Provide following documents: 

Documents for special arrangements

A copy of the summons, subpoena, court order or notice of selection for jury duty stating:

  • your full name and
  • the reason for your commitment
  • date/s of attendance required.

A signed certificate on an official letterhead from a medical practitioner/midwife/relevant adoption agency stating:

  • expected date of birth/adoption
  • either the period of time when your ability to study or complete assessments will be limited, or when you expect you'll be able to complete your assessments or return to your study.
  • A signed and dated statement that includes your name, from your imam, pastor, rabbi or equivalent spiritual or community leader.

Types of documents

Professional practitioner certificate

This certificate needs to be filled out, signed and stamped by a registered medical/health practitioner who is not related to you. You can download and print the form (pdf, 320KB).

The certificate needs to be completed in full and include an evaluation of the duration (giving start and end dates) of impact and degree of impact that the illness, injury or carer’s duties have had on your ability to attend classes and learn or to complete assessments.

Statutory declaration

A statutory declaration is a signed, written statement that allows a person to declare something to be true in the presence of an authorised witness. You'll need to use a NSW statutory declaration form and have it signed by a Justice of the Peace.

Your statutory declaration should include:

  • your full name and student number
  • a statement about the impact of the illness, injury, misadventure or essential commitment on your ability to attend classes, learn or complete assessment requirements
  • a statement describing the duration of this impact (including a start and end dates)
  • if your circumstances are of a sensitive nature, please indicate when you expect you will be able to complete your assessment or return to your studies. If you need more time at the end of this period, you can submit another application.
  • details of any group work that might be affected.

Obituary, funeral notice or funeral program

A dated obituary from a newspaper, a funeral notice or funeral program that includes:

  • the full name of the deceased person
  • the funeral date.

If you need to travel interstate or overseas for the funeral, you will need to provide supporting documents such as a travel itinerary or statutory declaration for the additional time you are away.

Eviction notice

The notice needs to include:

  • official landlord (if applicable) or residential agency letterhead
  • your full name
  • date of terminated tenancy
  • signature from appropriate representative
  • representative phone number
  • date the notice was created.

Police report

This is produced by the police and should include:

  • your full name
  • a claim number or charge sheet
  • a signature from police
  • a police phone number
  • the date the report was created
  • the date the incident occurred.

If a police report is unavailable when you submit your application, you will need to provide a statutory declaration that includes how the incident has affected your studies, along with a COPS event number, which is evidence a crime has been reported.

Official letter

This should be written on an official letterhead and needs to include:

  • your full name
  • the details of your unexpected commitments
  • the impact on your ability to study
  • a physical signature and phone number of an appropriate representative
  • the date the statement was created.

Professional practitioner certificate

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