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Staying on Track

Stage 1

If you’re not meeting your academic progression requirements, your faculty will email you a notification to let you know that you’ve been placed on the academic progression register and why.

This notification will recommend that you:

You may also need to meet with an academic adviser.

Staying on track survey

The self-help surveys will help you identify what may be affecting your academic progression. Common reasons include study load, not enjoying your studies, home life, health, work and finances.

The survey includes a list of University services that can help you, such as Counselling and Psychological Services and learning services.

Download the Staying on track survey (pdf, 98KB).

The University has a number of support services (pdf, 71KB) available to you to assist with challenges you face while you are studying.

Information sessions

Staying on Track information sessions focus on study skills and make sure you’re aware of all the support services available to help you get back on track with your studies.

You can sign up for an information session by contacting our Student Lifecycle Officer at

Stage 1 undergraduate and postgraduate students 

To arrange an appointment with an academic adviser, you'll need to send an email from your University email account, to and include:

  • your Student ID
  • three times that you will be available between Monday and Thursday each week.

You'll need to bring your completed Stage 1 self-reflective survey with you on the day of your consultation. If you fail to do this within the timeframe it will be noted on your progression profile.

Student Lifecycle Officer

  • Level 5, Jane Foss Russel Building, Darlington Campus
Last updated: 19 July 2018

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