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Student volunteer program

The student volunteer program, offered by the Widening Participation and Outreach unit, gives you the opportunity to support young people under-represented in higher education.

  1. Student volunteer program
  2. Student Leader program

Student volunteer program

We have volunteer-run Study Centres in local libraries to support high school students with their homework. If you volunteer in the program, we will provide support for the duration of the placement, and library staff will also be able to assist you while you volunteer.

Benefits of volunteering

As a volunteer, you will develop leadership skills and experience engaging with diverse communities. The program is a chance to:

  • broaden your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills
  • develop your cultural competencies while working collaboratively with diverse groups and settings
  • build confidence, personal resilience and capacity to manage challenges
  • put your studies into practice
  • make a positive contribution to society.

You will receive a certificate for volunteering signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Registrar. If you excel as a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to join the Student Leader program, which is a paid program.

What's involved

There are opportunities to volunteer at either Liverpool Library or Campbelltown Library (HJ Daley branch) for the 2020 Study Centre Program.

As a volunteer you will provide homework support to high school students, building rapport, trust and confidence in the people you tutor on a weekly basis. Volunteering involves:

  • tutoring students between years 7-12
  • working one-on-one with students and in small groups
  • a weekly commitment for 12 weeks.

You will be matched to individuals and groups based on your academic strengths and the needs of the students across a range of subject areas.

You will have to arrange your own transport to the libraries, but we will reimburse transport costs/mileage for public transport or if you drive yourself.

When we need volunteers

To volunteer for the program you will have to be available every Monday or Wednesday afternoon through Term 2 (April to July) and Term 3 (July to September). For exact dates, please review the position description.

If you have an internship or practical placement that would prevent you from making a weekly volunteering commitment for the duration of the program, contact the Student Leader and Volunteering Officer, Ella McDermott on +61 2 8327 8525 or at


You need to be a current student at the University of Sydney to apply.

To help in our Study Centre, you will be:

  • interested in helping students aged 12-18
  • knowledgeable in specific subject areas
  • comfortable working in a flexible learning environment (with different tasks each week)
  • confident working with small groups of students as well as one-on-one
  • available to attend volunteer training
  • available to volunteer each week for the duration of the program.

Apply to volunteer

Review the Study Centre volunteer position description - 2019 Study Centre homework support position description before applying.

The next round of volunteer applications will open January 2020. When applications open, complete the online volunteer application.

Shortlisted applicants are invited to attend a brief interview with Widening Participation and Outreach staff. If you accept the offer of a position, you will be required to attend a volunteer induction session and program-specific training.


You will receive full training before you begin your volunteer placements. The modules your training will cover include:

  • Widening Participation and Outreach - who we are and what we do
  • working with children
  • engaging and motivating students
  • cultural competence
  • literacy tutoring
  • numeracy tutoring
  • digital literacy
  • group and classroom facilitation
  • working with students from refugee backgrounds.


Ella McDermott

Student Leader and Volunteering Officer
Last updated: 13 November 2019

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