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Study abroad and exchange

Short-term overseas programs

If you’d rather do a short stint overseas, programs of two to six weeks are offered by some institutions during the summer and winter break.

Short term study abroad and exchange programs are open to international students. However, some host universities will not allow citizens of their country to be admitted to their short term program.

Types of programs

We offer both tuition-waiver (exchange) and fee-paying (non-exchange) short-term programs.


In these programs you are enrolled into University of Sydney exchange units of study and receive credit towards your current University of Sydney course. Tuition fees at the host institution are waived and you continue to pay fees to the University of Sydney.


With these programs you can apply to receive academic credit towards your University of Sydney course but it's not mandatory.

You pay your tuition fees to the host institution and you don't need to be enrolled into corresponding units of study at the University of Sydney. If you are approved to receive credit, this will be applied to your transcript after you return.



  • You need to have completed at least two semesters in your current degree by the time you commence your overseas study. Some programs may have further requirements, for example programs only available to students in third year.
  • You need to be meeting the requirements of your current award course at the University of Sydney. Some host institutions may have higher requirements that must be met.
  • You need sufficient elective credit available in your degree.


  • Eligibility requirements differ by program, and host/provider.
  • If you want to gain credit for your short-term program, you need sufficient elective credit available in your degree.

How to apply

Find out what short-term programs are available in Summer (November to February) and Winter (July) and how to apply.

If you would like to complete an overseas study program that is not currently offered by the University of Sydney, contact Sydney Abroad with details of the institution and/or program and your reasons for wanting to participate.

A short-term exchange to Umeå, Sweden, is possible if you have completed your second last year of study, and not yet commenced your final year, in any of the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Humanities and Social Sciences) and Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Science) and Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Mathematics) and Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Human Movement and Health Education).

This exchange is for six credit points, and it may replace an Education 3 or HMHE elective (depending on your program).

Sydney Abroad

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