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Study abroad and exchange

Through the Sydney Global Mobility program, you can study at one of 250+ partner institutions in more than 40 countries around the world. The Sydney Global Mobility program is open to most current undergraduate students and some postgraduate students.


Why study overseas?

Studying overseas is an exciting opportunity to broaden your academic experience and develop a global perspective by experiencing different lifestyles, languages and cultures. Every year, thousands of University of Sydney students take up global mobility opportunities, including semester and year-long exchange programs and short-term experiences, in destinations around the world.

These international opportunities let you combine study and travel to broaden your study experiences and set yourself up for a global career. Students who have had an overseas experience during their course have found it to be a hugely rewarding experience, both personally and academically.

When can I study overseas?

The best time to study overseas depends on your course and your units of study. It’s important to understand the requirements of your degree in order to find your mobility window – the most ideal time in your degree to study overseas.

Your ideal program could be a semester or year-long exchange program, where you study subjects at a partner university and receive credit towards your course. Or it could be a short-term program (2-6 weeks long) where you undertake study during the summer or winter break, which could also be for credit.

Types of programs

Semester and full-year exchange

While on exchange, you remain enrolled and continue to pay your tuition fees to the University of Sydney. A student from your host institution does the same in reverse, and the result is an exchange of students and places. Learn more about semester and full-year exchange.

Short-term programs (2-6 weeks)

You can undertake a short-term program during the summer break (December - February) or winter break (June - August). These can be exchange and non-exchange. With short-term exchange programs, you remain enrolled and continue to pay tuition fees to the University of Sydney. For non-exchange programs, you enrol and pay tuition fees directly to the host institution or program provider. Fees for many short-term non-exchange programs include accommodation and excursions at your host destination. Learn more about our short-term programs.

Other global opportunities

There are also a number of other global opportunities available outside of the Sydney Global Mobility program. These include faculty-run programs, in-country language courses including Open Learning Environment units (OLEs), and Industry and Community Project Units (ICPUs). These programs have different eligibility and admission criteria.

2019 Global mobility guide

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