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Summer research programs

Summer research programs are offered during your semester break and give you the opportunity to gain research experience while working with leading researchers at the University.

The programs vary from four to eight weeks and are offered as scholarships, meaning you will receive payment for the duration of the program.

Information on the programs available, eligibility and application process can be found on the faculty, school or centre websites listed below.

Charles Perkins Centre

The Charles Perkins Centre brings together researchers from a range of disciplines to find solutions to some of society’s greatest health challenges: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

The summer research scholarships give you the opportunity to undertake paid research with the centre’s leading academics. The program runs for eight weeks and is open to current undergraduate and postgraduate students from any area of study.


Summer scholarship programs at Sydney Nursing School allow you to work on a research project under the supervision of a leading researcher. You will learn about nursing and midwifery research, develop research skills and be encouraged to explore further research studies.

The scholarships run for four weeks over summer (140 hours between January and February) and are open to current students enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor or Nursing (Advanced Studies) and postgraduate coursework programs.


Research programs are available in most disciplines within the Faculty of Science, as listed below. These programs run for between four and six weeks over the summer holiday period (November to February). Applications are open to current undergraduate students of the University, as well as students from other Australian universities.

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