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Class timetables

Change your timetable

Once your timetable is available through the personal timetable website, you may be able to make changes to it. This can be done up until timetables are locked at the end of the second week of classes.

It’s important to be aware that once you’ve made changes to your timetable, there is no option to return it to its previous version. You may be able to obtain your previous class times by changing your new one but this will depend on availability.

In many cases, it might not be possible to make changes because of class availability, timetable clashes or departmental restrictions.

Change a single class

You can request to change to a specific class. Where possible, you will be moved into your requested class and the rest of your current timetable will remain unchanged. Be aware that once a change is made, you may not be able to change back to your previous timetable.

  1. Log in to the personal timetable website, select ‘Change a single class’, then your current class you would like to change.
  2. Choose your preferred new class from the list available.

If the change can be made, your new timetable will be displayed.

In many cases a change may not be possible. This may be for several reasons including the class is already full or it will cause a clash on your timetable.  

Be aware that if you then change preferences, such as by blocking off times to be kept free, and get a new timetable, you could be moved out of the class you requested.

Get a new timetable

You can change your preferences and generate a new timetable. Be aware that once you get a new timetable, you may not be able to change back to your previous timetable. We also can't provide further assistance to revert to your previous timetable. 

Log in to the personal timetable website. Select 'Change preferences and get a new timetable' then 'Start changing preferences'.

In the first step you’ll be able to choose your preferred classes. You will see your units of study and the classes where you can select preferences. Select from this list to nominate the time you’d prefer to attend the class.

In the next step you can enter times you’d prefer to be kept free.

Once you've selected your preferences, you can confirm your class changes and get your new timetable.

What happens when you change a unit of study

Adding a unit of study after timetables have been released will reset your current timetable. You will need to log in to the personal timetable website and select 'Recollect new timetable' to collect a new timetable. Your other classes may change when this occurs.

If you withdraw from a unit of study, you do not need to collect a new timetable. We will simply delete classes associated with the unit you've withdrawn from.

We encourage you to finalise your unit of study selections as soon as you can. You will only be able to customise your timetable up to the end of Week 2.

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