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Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

A weighted average mark (WAM) is the average mark you’ve achieved across all completed units in your award course.

Your WAM is the University’s way of measuring your academic performance and may be used to determine your eligibility for an honours program, prizes and scholarships, or for assessing your progression in your course.

How your WAM is calculated

The WAM is weighted according to the credit point value and academic level (such as junior or senior) of the units you’ve completed. The weight of a unit of study is assigned by the owning faculty or school. Only grades that are allocated a mark contribute to your WAM.

See the resolutions in your handbook for information on how the WAM is calculated in your faculty or school.

Some faculties or schools have additional WAM calculations, for example the Honours WAM (HWAM) in Engineering and Information Technologies, Education and Social Work and Health Sciences, and the Science WAM (SciWAM) in the Faculty of Science. These calculations can also be found in the faculty or school resolutions. You can also estimate your SciWAM using our calculator.

When your WAM is calculated for a single academic year, rather than all the units you’ve completed in your course, it’s called your annual average mark (AAM). When it's calculated for a single semester, it's called your semesterly average mark (SAM). These may be used to assess whether you’re meeting course requirements, for example for students in Advanced degrees, or scholarship conditions.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The University of Sydney does not use a Grade Point Average (GPA). If you are asked for a GPA, you’ll need to contact the institution that is requesting the GPA for more information about its formula and apply it to your own grades.

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