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Disability Inclusion Week

Inclusion begins with me

Each year, the University’s Disability Inclusion Week brings our student and staff community together to learn more about the experiences of people who live with disability, and to celebrate diversity.

In 2017 Disability Inclusion Week ran from 4-8 September. The theme was 'Inclusion begins with me', with a focus on the importance of creating an inclusive campus and breaking down barriers of misunderstanding, stigma and ‘otherness’.

Disability is a part of the human experience and we are all responsible for creating an inclusive environment. Disability Inclusion Week aims to help build a culture where all students and staff can thrive and realise their full potential.

Throughout the week students and staff alike participated in a range of events, including an all abilities flash mob, stalls and therapy dogs on Eastern Avenue; they got answers to the questions they had been too afraid to ask at a panel discussion on disability and sexuality, and took part in a workshop on 'Desiring disability: Exploring disability and sexuality’.

Ask us anything

Is it ever okay to tell a joke about disability? What are the biggest perks about living with disability? Ahead of Disability Inclusion Week at the University of Sydney, members of our student and staff community who live with a disability came together to answer some anonymous questions you might be too afraid to ask.

Use our inclusive language, imagery and accessibility resources

To help you produce positive, accessible and appropriate communications in disability and other key areas, the University has a suite of online resources:

We encourage you to use these resources and share them with your colleagues.