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Postgraduate coursework academic requirements

Put your first degree to work to accelerate your career

Admission to most postgraduate courses requires a bachelor’s degree. Some courses are also accessible with relevant professional work experience, or another qualification.

In most cases, you will need to have an undergraduate degree to apply for postgraduate coursework. Some programs require you to have completed this degree in a related field, such as psychology. Other disciplines, such as law and business, are open to graduate students from all backgrounds.

Your previous academic performance determines the outcome of your application, and may define the level of postgraduate study you can take.

No matter the results of your previous degree, there are multiple options for all levels of study. Postgraduate coursework is often offered with the option to begin in a graduate certificate program and progress to a master’s qualification with further study.

If you make successful progress and upgrade mid stream, any coursework already completed is counted toward your new degree.

Course-specific admission criteria

Our Find a course website lists specific admission criteria for every course. At postgraduate level these may include:

  • a minimum grade point average in your previous degree
  • relevant professional experience – such as at least three years in a management role to enter a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree
  • health and security checks for anyone doing fieldwork in New South Wales hospitals or schools
  • a portfolio of work – for example, for admission to our urban design architecture courses.

English language requirements

If English is not your first language, you will need to have either:

  • successfully completed tertiary studies in which the language of instruction, examination and assessment was English, or
  • completed an English proficiency test and meet the admission criteria for your course.

Read more about language requirements.

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