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Why Sydney can be your home away from home

One of our aspirations as a university is to be truly international in outlook and impact. Sydney, too, is a proudly multicultural city.

We are a globally renowned university in a city rated as one of the world's most liveable. Our students have access to a world of opportunities through our international affiliations, industry and alumni mentoring programs and innovative partnerships.

Select your region below to find out how we influence your country, and how your country influences us.

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We are proud of our involvement in 40 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and China, a relationship that continues to grow.

Ever since the arrival of our first Chinese students in 1979, we have had strong ties with China. The University works with the Chinese and Australian governments according to national priorities, the Chinese Reform Plan for Education 2010-20 and China’s latest Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development, with an emphasis on science and technology.

Our world-class research includes more than 50 research programs with 15 leading universities and academies in China. We also have 102 partner agreements with various other institutions throughout China, and arrangements with all C9 League universities, including:

  • Peking University
  • Tsinghua University
  • Fudan University
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University.

China Studies Centre

Our China Studies Centre was launched in 2011 to deepen our understanding of China’s impact on the world and improve relations between our two countries. The centre has created many leaders in China studies and China public administration. It also supports collaborative research through its interdisciplinary PhD program.

Confucius Institute

The University’s Confucius Institute offers Chinese language and culture courses to our students. It is based on a partnership with Fudan University, in collaboration with the Office of the Chinese Language Council International in China (Hanban).

China Alumni Group

The University has several alumni groups in China that arrange a number of social and professional networking events to keep alumni in touch with each other and the University.

Chinese culture on campus

Chinese culture is embraced and celebrated across our University.

The Confucius Institute offers Chinese language courses to our students as well as China Culture study tours and Tai Ji, Chinese painting and tea appreciation workshops.

Regular seminars, lectures, events and workshops (such as ink painting), are hosted by the China Studies Centre. The entire University community gets involved in the centre’s annual Moon Festival celebrations, enjoying moon cakes, paper cutting and tea tasting.

There are also several China-related clubs and societies on campus including the Chinese Students Association and the Australian Chinese International Student Club.

Chinese culture in Sydney

Sydney has a large Chinese population as well as many Chinese restaurants, galleries and cultural hubs like Chinatown and Haymarket.

The whole city comes alive for Lunar New Year, with lunar feasts, dragon boat races and street parades. Sydney has the largest Lunar New Year celebrations outside of Asia, attracting more than 600,000 visitors to the city each year.

Europe's ties with the University of Sydney go way back: just glance at the University’s crest, which shows both the book and the lion from the crests of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge respectively.

Our connections with top European institutions continue to this day. Our new dual degree with France’s Sciences Po is already generating significant interest, while the unique pathways from the Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor to the universities of Cambridge and Oxford continue to attract the best and brightest students.

Regional Funding and Scholarships Program







For University of Sydney and Australia national scholarships, please visit our international scholarships page

UK Alumni Network

Europe is also a popular destination for our students after completing their studies – we have more than 1500 alumni living in the United Kingdom alone.

The University of Sydney UK Alumni Association (USUKAA) encourages its members in the United Kingdom to engage in the life of the University and with each other. Alumni in other European countries are also welcome to join and to participate in events.

In 2007, the USUKAA formed a Younger Members' Group, which aims to provide a social and cultural network for University of Sydney graduates and their friends who live or work in the UK.

Australia’s relationship with Latin America is expanding rapidly, with the University of Sydney proud to play a part in this growing friendship and regional connectivity.

Our researchers are working with Latin American partners to find solutions to some of the world's most complex problems. More than 60 of our academics are involved in collaborations in the region and we have active agreements with leading universities in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. Our graduates who have returned to Latin America have gone on to achieve remarkable things, including the establishment of Brazil’s first Twin Registry.

Science Without Borders

We welcome hundreds of Brazilian students to the University each year as part of Science Without Borders. This is a scholarship program funded by the Brazilian Government. It aims to give undergraduate students from Brazil the opportunity to study science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation at the top universities around the world.

Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies

Our Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies is popular among students of all cultures, and regularly hosts seminars and screenings on topics related to Spain and Latin America.

Latin American culture on campus

Our Latin American students make an active contribution to our campus culture. Our Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies (in the arts faculty) often hosts cultural events, film screenings and activities. Also, check out the student-run Spanish and Latin American Society.

Latin American culture in Sydney

Sydney is home to the largest proportion of Latin American Australians. The city plays hosts to a year-wide calendar of Latin American cultural events, such as the Sydney Latin American Film Festival and Latin American Festival Bondi, a yearly celebration of Latin American music, dance and culture.

Arabic courses

The Department of Arabic Languages and Cultures (in the arts faculty) offers several undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses. The department also hosts several lectures and events throughout the year.

Middle Eastern culture on campus

In addition to regular Middle Eastern-focused lectures and events, our campus is also home to several cultural student clubs and societies, including religious groups and the Young Australian Lebanese Association.

Students and staff often enjoy Middle Eastern food like burek, baklava and dolmades from local stores at our fortnightly USU markets.

Middle Eastern culture in Sydney

Sydney has an array of Middle Eastern food, cultural activities and events to enjoy. The city also plays host to the Arab Film Festival, the only event of its kind in Australia.

The University of Sydney has had a close and productive relationship with North America for more than a hundred years.

We have exchange partnerships with more than 60 partner universities in North America, including Harvard, Cornell, UCLA, the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia.

Many of our researchers collaborate with academics and researchers in North America. We are even working with San Diego Zoo to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction in the wild. The University of Sydney and University of California Davis have just signed a new partnership agreement for collaborative research in the areas of Veterinary Science and Agriculture.

The University publishes an entry requirements guideline for North American students. Information about the different types of North American funding that we accept is available through our International Financial Aid team. Watch the US financial aid video on how to apply and utilise your US Federal Aid. 

United States Studies Centre

The United States Studies Centre (USSC) is one of the leading academic institutions outside America for the study of the United States.

Students can major in American Studies at an undergraduate level, undertake a Master of US Studies, conduct research, or take USSC units as electives while studying many other courses.

The centre also hosts regular lectures and events and. In 2015, it welcomed guests such as David Plouffe (former campaign manager for Barack Obama) and George Takei, actor and social justice activist.

Alumni network

Sydney University Graduates Union of North America (SUGUNA), the University’s alumni group in North America, arranges a number of social and professional networking events to keep alumni in touch with each other and the University. SUGUNA hold an annual conference that focuses on providing networking opportunities for their members in the community.

North American culture on campus

The Sydney University Boat Club regularly travels to Canada to compete in the Canadian Henley, and our Rugby Club toured the US in 2015 to compete against Arizona State University, UC San Diego and the University of Southern California. 

We also have several other sporting teams, including American football, basketball and baseball clubs. In August 2016 our Sydney Uni Lions faced off against two elite US basketball teams, the UCLA Bruins and The University of Washington Huskies, and the games were watched by approximately 2,500 students. 

Although the University itself does not have an ice hockey team (yet!), many of our students play in local Sydney leagues.

Sydney is alive with American culture and food, with lots of American-themed restaurants and bars offering delicious food and celebrations for events like the Fourth of July and the Superbowl.

American singers and performers often visit the city and many of our galleries have dedicated American collections. American sports like basketball, baseball and ice hockey are also popular in the city, with regular games to watch and many local teams to join.

For two years in a row the NCAA College Football opening game has been held in Sydney, known as the ‘Sydney Cup’. 

Hong Kong

The University of Sydney has welcomed thousands of students from Hong Kong over the years and has had an active alumni association there since 1989.

We have strategic relationships with three of the most prominent universities in this region – the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Our collaborations include research partnerships, staff and student exchange.


Taiwan is a major trading partner of Australia. It's our seventh largest export market (2013) and has some of the region's best universities, with top companies in the technology and science fields. Taiwan offers a range of collaborative opportunities for researchers and scholars at the University of Sydney. 


We have a long history of engagement with Northeast Asia. Japanese culture and language has been taught at the University since 1917. Today, we have agreements and connections with 27 high-ranking Japanese institutions.


Korea is Australia’s third largest source of international students. Here at the University of Sydney, we're supporting future Korean leaders through the Australia Korea Internship Program (AKIP), which aims to give students the opportunity to develop their professional and cross-cultural skills and gain experience in an overseas business environment.

Northeast Asian culture on campus

We have several cultural and student clubs including:

The University is also home to sporting groups, including kendo, karate and judo clubs.

North East Asian culture in Sydney

Sydney has a large Northeast Asian population as well as many Asian restaurants, galleries and cultural hubs like Chinatown and Haymarket.

Southeast Asia is one of the University's highest priorities for regional and international engagement.

In 2012, we established the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC). Its role is to bring scholars together to enhance their research and teaching about Southeast Asia, showcase their work and engage with policy makers.

Alumni associations

We have alumni organisations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. These groups organise social and networking activities and aim to keep alumni in touch with each other and the University.

Southeast Asian culture on campus

We have several Southeast Asian cultural and student clubs including:

Southeast Asian culture in Sydney

Sydney has a large Southeast Asian population as well as many Asian restaurants, galleries and cultural hubs like Chinatown and Haymarket.

The University is engaged in more than 60 research collaborations and networks with partners in India and South Asia – partnerships such as the South Asia Infant Feeding Research Network that address challenges in maternal and infant health, cervical cancer and people's food needs.

More recently, the University organised an agriculture workshop in India where scientists called for a detailed soil-mapping program.

Subcontinent culture on campus

We have many subcontinental student clubs and cultural societies. These include:

We're also home to the oldest cricket club in Australia, with a range of teams suited to all player levels.

Subcontinent culture in Sydney

Sydney offers an array of subcontinental food, cultural activities and events. The city also hosts many celebrations such as Deepavali, Holi Mahotsav and Parramasala, a celebration of Indian culture, music and dance.