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Australian Mobility Grants

Experience work, life and study overseas

If you're a Sydney University student planning to study overseas, you may be able to access financial support through the New Colombo Plan or Endeavour grants.

In partnership with the Australian Government, we offer a variety of funding opportunities to support students wishing to undertake credited short-term or semester-long studies abroad.

You must apply directly to the project coordinator listed below. If you are successful, depending on the project and its duration, you could receive between $1,000 and $7000 to put towards the cost of your program, travel and incidental costs. 

Please note that places are limited and project coordinator will make the final decision regarding your eligibility to participate

These are offered under two schemes:

These funding schemes could make all the difference to your overseas study experience – allowing you to immerse yourself in the academic and cultural life of another country.

Endeavour Mobility Grants

Considering an overseas study experience? The Endeavour Mobility Grants include the following programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students:

  • Asia Postgraduate Program (AP) – study in Asia for postgraduate short-term and semester study placements
  • Study Overseas Short-Term Mobility Program (STMP) – study globally outside of Asia for undergraduate and postgraduate short-term study and placements
  • International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) – study globally outside of Asia for undergraduate and postgraduate semester study and placements under formal student exchange partnership agreements
  • Endeavour Cheung Kong Student Exchange Program (ECKSEP) – study in selected Asian countries (China and Hong Kong are priority) for undergraduate semester study and placements under formal student exchange partnership agreements.

For information on eligibility and how to apply, contact our Sydney Abroad team.

New Colombo Plan

The New Colombo Plan offers Australian undergraduate students new opportunities for prestigious scholarships and mobility grants for study and internships/mentorships in the Indo Pacific region.

Two streams of funding are available:

  • New Colombo Plan Mobility Program (for universities to request funding to support mobility projects.
  • New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program (for individual students nominated by home universities – see our New Colombo plan scholarships website for more information).

The New Colombo Plan Mobility Program provides mobility grants for annual University project submissions that support undergraduate students to undertake semester-long or short-term mobility programs. This includes short-term study, practicums, clinical placements, internships/mentorships and short-term research.

The mobility study undertaken overseas needs to be a mandatory course requirement or study you can credit towards your degree.

Please contact for more information.

Other funding for exchange students

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Sydney, and you're looking for funding to study overseas (on exchange), the following scholarships and loans are also worth investigating:

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