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Summer and Winter School

Accelerate your course, learn something new, or graduate early

If you want to get a head start on your studies, reduce your workload or redo a failed unit of study without extending your degree, our Summer or Winter School could be the answer.

Whether you’re a current University of Sydney student, enrolled at another university, or just want to study for the love of learning, we encourage you to apply for admission to our Summer or Winter School. Both offer a range of units across most faculties during the holidays.

Your studies can usually be credited towards your degree, or you can try a unit of study in a different faculty as a non-award student. 

If you’ve just completed Year 12, it may be possible to begin your studies earlier by enrolling in Summer School. To find out more please contact

Summer School is offered over January and February, and our Winter School runs in July.

Intensive learning

Our units typically run for six weeks – less than half the time of a subject taught during the main semester.

Class sizes are much smaller, allowing you to interact with your lecturers and fellow classmates in an intensive learning environment.

Subject prerequisites and assessments are modified to suit the course delivery mode.

Capped class sizes mean places are limited and they do fill up quickly. Visit our Summer and Winter School website now and check out what subjects are on offer next session.

Why Summer or Winter School?

Doing a subject with the Summer or Winter School can broaden your academic horizons and accelerate your path to graduation.
Try a completely new subject in a different faculty
Repeat a subject you haven’t successfully completed without extending the length of your degree
Concentrate on a single area of study
Experience smaller class sizes and intensive learning
Combine study and travel by taking a project-based subject that includes a field trip overseas

Chris Ashton

Bachelor of Arts
“Winter School was terrific. The block format fitted in well with my other commitments, the intensive tutorials were challenging and allowed extensive interaction, and the lecturer was top notch.”
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Sydney Summer and Winter School

  • Room N228, Institute Building, Camperdown Campus