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Your first semester

Adapting to university study doesn't have to be stressful

Use the first week of semester to get into good habits. Plan out your time between classes, seek advice from your faculty, tutors and fellow students, and always read your course materials before class.

Whether you’re trying to find a lecture theatre or need a hand with changing timetables, be proactive and seek out advice.

There are hundreds of other new students on campus finding their feet too.

Studying at university means you’ll have complete freedom to plan out your study timetable and complete assignments in your own time.

Some degrees only require you to be on campus for as little as 12 hours a week, meaning you’ll be responsible for managing your coursework independently.

There are plenty of ways you can reach out for guidance and support throughout your degree, especially when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Workshop your way to success

Sign up for a practical workshop run by the Learning Centre or Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Master the basics of critical reading and academic writing, or enrol in a lunchtime workshop on managing stress and procrastination.

Browse CAPS's catalogue of lifestyle e-books, which cover everything from managing personal relationships to the art of effective communication.

Need help with maths? The Mathematics Learning Centre offers free tutorials, workshops and individual assistance to enrolled students.

Your key to the door

Your UniKey is a single sign-on for all university applications and resources, such as MyUni, your email account and the wi-fi network.

You’ll find your UniKey username and password with your confirmation of enrolment. International students will receive instructions for obtaining a UniKey after accepting their offer.


MyUni is your online portal to Canvas, your University email, Sydney Student, the Open Learning Environment, SydPay and more.

Canvas is where you'll find unit of study outlines, prescribed reading lists and discussion forums. It's your first port of call for essential learning tools, including contact details for lecturers and tutors. If you’ve got any questions about assignments or course materials, you can email them.

Through MyUni, you'll be able to download your timetable, and check your University email – it's important to do this regularly. 

You can also access Sydney Student, your self-administration service where you can perform many useful tasks – update your address and contact details, manage your enrolment and more. (Learn more about student administration.)

Stay in the loop

Student News is our way of keeping you up to date on what’s happening on campus. Delivered weekly during semesters, it covers important upcoming events, notices, news and offers.

We want to keep your newsletter as helpful and relevant as possible, so please tell us what you’d like to hear about. Email:

Get organised

As soon as your course outline is available on Canvas, sit down with your diary and mark the due dates for all assignments and exams.

It’s a good idea to record social, extracurricular and work commitments in the same place to identify busy periods ahead of time.

Rather than allowing bottlenecks to arise on your schedule, plan to complete assignments before they’re due and give yourself enough time to maintain a healthy work-life-study balance.