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Study overseas with student exchange

Study overseas as part of your degree

Student exchange is a unique opportunity to see the world and graduate with a truly global perspective. You’ll improve your interpersonal, communication and practical skills, build confidence and cross-cultural understanding.

Who is this information for?

If you are considering undertaking a degree at the University of Sydney, and want to know about opportunities to study overseas as part of your degree, then this information is for you.

If you are an international student considering coming to Sydney on a student exchange or study abroad program, please refer to the section Study in Australia.

Current students should visit the student website.

What is student exchange?

As an outbound exchange student you remain enrolled full-time at the University of Sydney while studying abroad and continue to pay your usual tuition fees and other student fees. A student from your host institution does the same in reverse, and the result is an exchange of students and places.

There are semester and year-long exchange program options. We also offer short-term exchange (from 3 weeks long) options, running in the summer and winter breaks.

Who can go on student exchange?

The student exchange program is open to all current undergraduate students and some postgraduate students. Undergraduate students can apply as early as your 2nd semester, 1st year, to go on exchange, and postgraduate students can apply in their first semester of their masters.

What is study abroad?

Study abroad and exchange programs are two different things and vary in the way they are administered by the University of Sydney. A study abroad program involves a student enrolling at a foreign university and paying fees to that university. Most University of Sydney students going overseas as part of their degree complete student exchange and pay fees here. As a University of Sydney student you would only choose study abroad over student exchange for the following reasons:

  • there is no exchange partner agreement with the foreign university you wish to attend
  • there are not enough exchange places at the foreign university you wish to attend
  • your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is lower than that to qualify for student exchange (our exchange program requires that students have a WAM of 65 out of 100, for the last 48 credit points from when you apply).

If you are interested in studying abroad, you will need to contact the foreign university to investigate the process for applying. You will also need to investigate the units of study available at the foreign university and confirm that you can get credit towards your degree for these units directly with your unit coordinator or faculty.

For more information on study abroad and the process for applying, visit the Student website.