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Eligibility and applying for student exchange

Student exchange – who can apply and how does it work?

As a University of Sydney student you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our student exchange program at one of over 270 partner universities.

We have over 270 exchange partner universities in 41 countries; 119 of which are listed among the top 200 universities in the world (Times Higher Education World Ranking 2016-2017). Most of our partner universities also instruct in English – so you are not limited to only English-speaking countries when thinking about where you can go.

The process of applying is not something you need to worry about in any detail until after you commence your degree, but if you’re curious, you can take a look on our student website. Right now, be assured that there are many options for exchange with a lot of support to get you there.

Eligibility information

  • You need to have a credit average (65 percent or higher) in your most recent 48 credit points (48 credit points is equivalent to 8 units of study, equivalent to one year of full-time study). Applications are assessed after end of semester results are known. Students must also have 24 credit points (4 units of study, and 6 months full-time) remaining in their degree for each semester they intend to be on exchange.
  • Some (not many) universities require a higher Weighted Average Mark (WAM) in order to be accepted as an exchange student. Consult the partner website for their information about exchange.
  • Transfer students need to complete at least one full-time semester (24 credit points) at Sydney before being eligible for exchange.
  • You should attend an exchange information session in person. This will allow you to ask questions and understand whether you are eligible, refine where you want to go, and how to apply. You should attend one of these sessions after you commence studying at the University.
  • Student exchange is open to most students, but not all. Some faculties have rules around what can be studied overseas. You will need to check with the faculty once you commence studying here. You can also check the availability of your desired partner institution under 'Program Details' on the program pages of each university on the Global Mobility Database.
  • The Sydney Law SchoolSydney College of the Arts and the Master of Management (CEMS) manage their own exchange agreements specific to their faculty or course. Consult their websites (or the student website) for application information.

You must complete a full-time year of study (48 credit points) in your degree before you can go on exchange. You can apply in your second semester of your first year if you will complete 48 units by the end of the semester. You will also need a credit average to be eligible to go on exchange.

  • You must be enrolled in a 72 credit point Masters unit in order to go on exchange.
  • North American and some Scandinavian universities generally require completion of a four-year degree to go on a post-graduate exchange semester.
  • Coursework students need to pass a full-time semester (18-24 credit points) of study in their degree to be eligible for exchange. (Exceptions may apply to Architecture, Music and Visual Arts students).
  • Research students need written support from their local research supervisor and faculty, as well as written confirmation from an academic within the host university confirming that they will supervise the research project for the duration of the exchange.

There are 2 exchange application deadlines, one at the end of each semester. We nominate a year in advance to when you want to go – so planning is key!

If you are a current student looking to study overseas on the study abroad program, you need to get in touch with the foreign university to work out the process for applying. You can also find more information on the Student website.

The process for applying for student exchange

Research what you can study, where you can go and the university that will suit you.
Work out the best time in your degree to go on exchange. You will need to apply a year in advance and move core units to fit your exchange. Refer to the eligibility information below to plan the best time to go.
Get nominated (if your application to go on exchange is approved, you are 'nominated' by the mobility office).
Fly to your new home and live like a local for 6 or 12 months!