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Your study options

Choosing what to study in Australia

The interdisciplinary nature of our faculties and schools allows us to offer a huge range of study options, giving you flexibility to personalise your experience. There is a lot to choose from, so let us help you get started.

We have included descriptions of our commonly used terms to help you work out your study options. If you are coming here on the student exchange program you can always ask your home institution coordinator for assistance. Study abroad students are welcome to submit an enquiry to us by emailing

Most unit of study options are taught alongside full-degree students and provide hands-on experiential learning in an Australian cultural context. All our units of study are taught in English.

Work out what you can study

A 'unit' is an individual subject or class that you’ll be taking within your course. If you are an incoming student, you are most likely looking for units of study (also known as subjects).

A 'course' is a complete degree – find these in our course finder tool. As a student coming in for the short term, a semester, or a year, courses are not what you need to be looking at when considering what you can study here. You need to select the 'Units of Study' drop down before searching for suitable subjects.

For our semester and year-long programs, most students will study units in areas that they are studying at their home institution. Our Undergraduate units of study have the numbers 1000-3000 appearing in the course code. Codes in the 1000 range typically correspond to first year study, 2000s to second year study and 3000s to third year study. Codes for postgraduate students are typically numbered 5000-6000 level.

We’ve made the search easier for you by creating units of study lists (pdf, 317KB) to help you find suitable subjects. From discipline specific to thematic lists, you can easily navigate our thousands of units of study.

For one semester, you’ll typically enrol in four units of study – each valued at 6 credit points – to make up a workload of 24 credit points. For a one-year program, you will enrol in 48 credit points across two semesters.

For short-term programs (PDF), each unit of study is taught in an intensive format and is valued at 6 credit points. Students can choose either one or two units of study while on a short-term program, one of which can be the internship option.

When picking units of study, you need to:

  • check that you meet requirements, including pre-requisites (some units of study will require you complete other units of study first)
  • make sure you can get credit for toward your degree for the subjects you choose. You will need to confirm this with your home institution.


Our Study Abroad Internship program lets you develop familiarity with Australian workplace culture and apply your study to workplace situations. ARTS2600 is a unit of study that is open only to study abroad students and offers:  

  • 120 hours of industry placement
  • eight hours of professional development workshops
  • four hours of blackboard discussions
  • four reflective journals
  • one final project report.

To qualify, you need to meet all eligibility requirements. Contact your advisor to apply.

Field-based learning

Experiential learning opportunities are available through our faculties of Agriculture, Science and Education. Develop a broad range of skills and techniques through field trips or excursions, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject area by undertaking the unit through an intensive period of study.

Enrolment support and advice

Our advisors provide enrolment support and give you advice on your preferred units of study. Advisors also guide you through the enrolment process prior to arrival and work with you to ensure your enrolment is finalised within the first two weeks of semester.