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SUP Press releases

22 October 2009 - Charting the genius of Yothu Yindi
14 October 2009 - Book questions government policies on gambling taxes
19 August 2009 - Australia in the post-war years: new book
6 May 2009 - Players of political economy
29 April 2008 - Early intervention crucial to avoid a life of crime
2 April 2008 - Lucy Osburn makes short list of National Biography Awards 2008
15 November 2007 - New plans needed to ensure future heritage
13 November 2007 - Environmental issues affect research across all disciplines
12 November 2007 - Children suffer when politicians put profit and populist policies first
23 October 2007 - Populating social policy: Australia and South Korea compared
15 August 2007 - Wurrurrumi wins traditional music award
8 August 2007 - Sydney University Press supports Australian literature
27 July 2007 - Limits of Location: Creating a Colony
6 September 2006 - Lucy Osburn, a lady displaced
9 August 2006 - The Valuation of Mining Assets
9 February 2006 - Culture, economy and governance in Aboriginal Australia
16 November 2005 - Beaches of the Western Australian coast
15 August 2005 - Orofacial pain: problem based learning

Current USYD Academics published through SUP

Professor Diane Austin-Broos, Department of Anthropology
Professor Yvonne Cossart, Faculty of Medicine
Dr Judith Godden, School of Public Health
Professor Jocalyn Lawler, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery
Dr Richard Light, Faculty of Education and Social Work
Dr Gaynor Macdonald, Department of Anthropology
Emeritus Professor Ann Sefton, Faculty of Medicine
Dr Martin Thomas, Dept of History
Dr E. Russell Vickers, Pain Management Research Centre