Beaches of the Australian coast

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Journal of Coastal Research May 2008


Author: Dr. Andrew Short

These seven books provide information on every one of Australia’s 10,685 mainland beaches, as well as 838 beaches on 30 inhabited islands, together with maps of all popular beaches and photographs of hundreds of beaches right around the coast. They tell you where the beach is, how accessible it is, what it is like and if it is suitable for surfing, as well as providing a beach hazard rating for swimmers. Besides describing every single beach each book provides a background to the coast of each State – it evolution and geology, climate, oceanography including waves and tides, coastal vegetation and beach conditions and surf, as well as an assessment of physical beach hazards. The seven books represent the most comprehensive coverage of the coast of any nation.

Cover of the Beaches of Tasmania. A Tasmanian beach

Each book contains:

  • general index
  • beach index
  • surfing index

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