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Disability and Inclusion in Indonesia

SSEAC interdisciplinary field school

Receive a $3000 travel grant to spend two weeks on a field school in Indonesia, studying issues related to disability and inclusion.

Working with University of Sydney and Indonesian academics, NGOs, advocacy groups and inclusion-focused communities, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by people with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities or those with mental health issues in Indonesia.

Through site visits and field work you will see first-hand the different approaches taken towards issues of disability and inclusion at a community, regional and national level. You will also have the opportunity to develop and undertake a multidisciplinary research project where you dig deeper into an area of your interest by using research, experiences from the field school and your own field work. 

If you're an undergraduate student studying Asian/Indonesian Studies, Geography, History and Philosophy of Science, Political Economy or Psychology, get involved in this amazing opportunity for real-world research on a topic that matters.

"My field trip to Indonesia provided an eye-opening experience that cannot be compared with anything else I have done at uni. We visited DPOs and NGOs which exposed us to people with different types of disabilities and worked in interdisciplinary groups, utilising different areas of strength and knowledge to conduct a research project."

- Jessie Wang, Disability and Inclusion in Indonesia 2017

Applications are now closed.

What? A two-week field school in Indonesia over the winter break, studying issues related to disability and inclusion. Students will receive academic credit for participating and eligible students will receive a $3,000 New Colombo grant

Where? Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia)

When? Pre-departure training 3-4 June 2019; In-country program 30 June-12 July 2019

Who? Undergraduate students from Asian/Indonesian Studies, Geography, History and Philosophy of Science and Psychology

Why? Explore Indonesia- a richly diverse and complex country; travel as a researcher, not as a tourist; receive a $3000 travel grant to study one subject overseas, meet students from other departments… and many more!

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC) has secured funding from the New Colombo Plan (NCP) short term mobility program from 2017–2019 for an annual two week field school in Indonesia. In this two week program, students will work in multi-disciplinary teams to learn about disability and inclusion in Indonesia.

The program will involve academics from the University of Sydney and partners from NGOs and Indonesian Universities that research and support people with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities or mental health issues in Indonesia.

Students participating in this program will spend the first week learning about different approaches to disability including legal issues, access to treatment and support, social and cultural attitudes to disability, and key topics for disability advocacy. Students will also visit centres for assistive technology development and implementation and discuss design possibilities for people with disabilities. They will participate in a series of guest lectures and site visits in Jakarta and Yogjakarta in Java, Indonesia.

In the second week, students will work in multi-disciplinary teams to complete an independent research task. This independent research component will give students the opportunity to investigate areas of personal interest, as well as developing autonomous research and collaborative skills.

Pre-departure training: 3-4 June 2019

Program: 30 June-12 July 2019 (dates inclusive)

Location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia)

Pre-departure training: Before travelling to Indonesia, you will participate in a 2 full day study program that includes background study of Indonesia and basic information about the cultural landscape, exposure to interdisciplinary methodologies, intercultural training and language study (in Indonesian).

In-country field school: In-country field school activities. The first week will be directed, while in the second week students will conduct their independent group research projects and spend time with a specific NGO or advocacy group of their choice.

  • Students from Asian Studies, Geography, and Psychology will enrol in ASNS2669 (Field Study in Southeast Asia) [hyperlink:]. Enrolment is by special permission once you have been accepted into the course.
  • Students undertaking a major in History and Philosophy of Science will receive 6 credit points through the Faculty of Science.
  • Students from Political Economy will receive credit through ECOP2619 (Development in Emerging Economies). Students already enrolled in this subject from Semester 1 2019 will be offered to opportunity to apply for the field school.

Further details will be provided to successful candidates. If you have questions about enrolment, please contact

To be eligible you must be:

  • An Australian citizen. Applicants with dual citizenship are eligible, however they must undertake their study in a third country, of which they are not a citizen.
  • Enrolled in a relevant Bachelor’s degree program at the University of Sydney.
  • Between 18 and 28 years of age.
  • Able to attend pre-departure training and Indonesian language training.
  • Have not previously received funding through a New Colombo Plan project.

If you do not meet this criteria but are still interested in participating in this program without a grant please contact Dr Elisabeth Kramer to discuss (


Anticipated costs

Language training

150 AUD

Airline travel

1000-1500 AUD


50 AUD per day (share basis)

Day-to-day costs within Indonesia

50-60 AUD  per day


Please note that the anticipated costs are intended as a guide. There may be additional in-country costs relating to this field school. The NCP grant is intended to support students, but not necessarily cover all costs.

New Colombo Plan program funding has provided $3000 grants to students to contribute to accommodation, travel and other in-country costs.

You are also encouraged to explore funding opportunities through the OS-HELP scheme.

This field school is made possible with the generous support and input of numerous partners including:

  • The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2 (AIJP2) for this field school. AIJP2 is a five-year program (2017-2021) that aims to strengthen justice and security reform through dialogue and capacity development in areas identified as priorities by both governments. AIPJ2 promotes respect for legal rights, tolerance and social inclusion.
  • The Catholic University of Atma Jaya, Jakarta
  • The University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta