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ASEAN forum 2018

Environmental sustainability in ASEAN

Now in its sixth iteration, this year’s ASEAN Forum explores the challenges of balancing environmental sustainability and economic growth in the ASEAN context. 

Co-hosted with the Sydney Environment Institute, the Forum will bring together leading academic thinkers, practitioners and policy-makers to discuss and debate how ASEAN countries can better protect common environmental goods; the role of leaders in negotiating the tensions between environmental sustainability and economic growth; and the wider implications of creating and maintaining sustainable practices for the region’s forests, oceans and air.

When: 11.45am for a 12pm start–5pm, Friday 5 October 2018

Where: Law Foyer, New Law School, University of Sydney

As part of ASEAN Forum 2018, a public roundtable on environmental sustainability In our region will be held on the evening of Thursday 4 October, co-hosted with Sydney Ideas and the Sydney Environment Institute - details to come.










Professor Michele Ford, SSEAC


Keynote address: Ecosystems and enforcement: what can we learn from the Southeast Asian experience?

Professor Lorraine Elliott, Australian National University





Individual papers: Protecting common environmental goods and maintaining sustainable development in ASEAN

Professor David Schlosberg (Chair), Sydney Environmental Institute


Assoc/Prof Geoff Morgan, University of Sydney


Dr Manuel Solis, University of Adelaide


Dr Rini Astuti, National University of Singapore


Panel discussion: Balancing economic growth and environmental sustainability in ASEAN

Dr Arunima Malik, University of Sydney

Dr Cat Dorey, Fish & Fisheries Science & Policy Campaigns

(TBC) Mr Vong Sok, ASEAN Secretariat

Ms Natali Pearson          (Chair), SSEAC


Closing remarks and wrap-up

Professor Bill Pritchard, University of Sydney


Afternoon tea

5.00pm Event ends  



Ecosystems and enforcement: what can we learn from the Southeast Asian experience?

By Lorraine Elliott, Professor Emerita, Department of International Relations, The Australian National University

ASEAN – the term is used here to capture the formal institution, individual member states, and Southeast Asia as a region – faces a range of complex environmental sustainability challenges. The scholarly and policy literature often focuses on (i) the limitations that ASEAN faces in instigating or sustaining regional cooperation or (ii) ways that ASEAN can learn from experience elsewhere in meeting these challenges. This keynote explores examples of sustainability regulation and practice that either have their genesis within the Southeast Asian experience or that have been locally adapted to generate lessons learned that are now being paid attention by policy-makers and communities of practice elsewhere. In showing how these have the potential to respond to challenges of scale and local adaptation, it also offers some critical thoughts on the co-production of (sustainability) knowledge and the science-policy interface.