Dairy Research Foundation

The Dairy Research Foundation was established in 1959 to advance the emerging discipline of dairy science and to improve technical practices in the industry.

The Group is located at the Camden Campus as part of the University of Sydney.

It has a research laboratory known as the M.C.Franklin Laboratory with facilities for carrying out a wide range of research from applied and that focusing on pasture management, animal nutrition and whole farm systems to more basic studies.

One of the roles of the Dairy Research Foundation is to inform the dairy and general community on the work undertaken by the University and this has led to the organising of an Annual Symposium held at various location within the state, including Camden NSW.

The Importance of Dairy Research

The Dairy Research Foundation of the University of Sydney serves a unique role within Australia's dairy industry by integrating a program of basic and applied research at the cutting edge of dairy science and production with extension activities to disseminate this information among dairy farmers nation wide.

The commercial competitiveness of our dairy producers relies heavily on the establishment of new technologies for managing and feeding cows to maximise productivity within our Australian environment. These programs would not be possible without the close co-operation and generous financial support of both dairy producers and corporate sponsors.