Free Range Facility

Free-Range Facility

This purpose built facility is a small-scale representation of a commercial free-range (Australian standard) layer or broiler shed. It consists of 16 x (6sq.m) pens, each with it's own external enclosed range (18sq.m). Pens can be fitted with nesting boxes, roosting perches, and environmental enrichment devices if required.

Total capacity = 16 pens of up to 50 birds; 800 birds.

Internal view of Free-Range Shed Free Range birds in run
free range chickens on perches Free Range birds in run

  • Nutritional evaluation of feed ingredients and feed additives
  • Effect of range access on nutrition, behaviour and performance
  • Feed intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio
  • Immunological and physiological assessment of diet ingredients and additives
  • Disease challenge and vaccination efficacy studies
  • Evaluation of diet quality and feed processing effects
  • Egg production and quality