Veterinary Public Health (VPH)

Note: We are not currently accepting applications for the Master of Veterinary Public Health.

The postgraduate program in Veterinary Public Health (VPH) is an articulated coursework degree that offers award courses at the following levels:

  • Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Public Health (GradCertVPH)
  • Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Public Health (GradDipVPH)
  • Masters in Veterinary Public Health (MVPH)

The units of study available in the VPH program are also offered in the Veterinary Public Health Management (VPHMgt) program. For information on course fees and scholarships, how to apply, online study and assessment, please see the VPHMgt program website.

Some of the key attributes of the VPH program include:

Distance Education

Designed for students who are working full time, the course provides interaction between animal health professionals working in many parts of the world on a range of relevant issues. The VPH program is taught fully by distance, using interactive online classrooms to ensure collaboration with peers in the field, support of student learning and weekly interaction with teachers.

For more information about online study, such as weekly activity, types of assessment, assumed knowledge and technical requirements, please refer to the VPHMgt program website.

Who is eligible to study this program?
As well as being offered to local students in Australia, this program is available to international offshore students studying in their home country. The program is not available to international students studying in Australia on a student visa.

Scientific and Technical Learning

The course covers scientific disciplines relevant to the prevention of animal disease outbreaks and the management of animal health, including: veterinary epidemiology, biostatistics, hazards to human and animal health, animal health economics, data analysis for policy making and animal health data management. Elective units of study may be taken in food safety, risk analysis, surveillance, diagnostic tests, aquatic animal epidemiology, animal health policy development and wildlife epidemiology.

Students may also take electives from the Master of Public Health offered by the School of Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine.

Flexibility and Progression

To aid student progression through the award courses, students can choose to complete a degree in the minimum time required (for example, 1 year full-time for the Masters) or to stagger unit enrolment in line with work and personal commitments. Non-award enrolment in individual units is also encouraged for professionals who need to gain skills in a particular area but do not wish to complete a full degree.

Students who achieve a Weighted Average Mark of 70 or more may complete research projects leading to the Master of Veterinary Public Health.