What students say about the VPHMgt Program

The programme has taken us into areas not easily accessible for working vets, but invaluable in performing better. This was especially the case with policy, economics, leadership & project management. As I worked through the emergency animal disease preparedness checklists it was very satisfying to see how well the course material had covered the required competencies, particularly in the areas not traditionally associated with being a vet. I am in a Planning Manager role, but I am sure other roles would benefit equally well.

As a self-funded student I am confident that this course has been an excellent investment.

Ben Madin
Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture WA, Australia

The MVPHMgt course has broadened my scope of understanding and appreciating the finer details as well as the "big picture" issues relating to domestic and international meat trade both from trade and food safety perspectives.

This program provides a comprehensive post-graduate learning opportunity for animal sector professionals. The self paced learning allows one to choose the workload and easily adapt to it, while maintaining full-time work and family commitments. As an Alumnus at a professional level I can easily relate to the benefits that flow from having completed the Masters Program. Adapting to the demands of a new position which I took up recently has been easy due to the overall learning experience of the program.

Anand Deo
On-plant Veterinary Officer, AQIS WA, Australia

The fact that I'm doing the VPHMgt program has given me a lot of opportunities, enabling me to focus my work in the area I really love and to work on a range of really interesting projects. I've been able to implement projects from the course in my work, which is fantastic.

Andrea Murray
Veterinarian, AgriQuality Ltd, New Zealand

I have gained invaluable knowledge, especially skills necessary for careers advancement and /or change, such as leadership, economics, project management, and policy development. This course has taught me to critically think through issues and be assertive. Whatever new skill I learn, I can put into practice immediately and share my experiences with my fellow students and lecturers- what a pleasant arrangement! 

Roland Dlamini
Regional Veterinary Officer, Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland, 
South Africa 

I have really enjoyed the course. The online discussions stimulate and reinforce the learning process, helping to clarify my thoughts. As it has been incredibly interesting I have not found it as difficult as anticipated - especially when it comes to motivation to study. My aim is to keep growing professionally while I work part-time with young children. This course has enabled me to be more effective in my position, giving me greater job satisfaction. This course is ideally structured without long residentials, fitting into many lifestyles including my own with a young family.

Catherine Taragel
Veterinary Officer, Department of Primary Industries NSW, Australia

The breadth of the course, including technical areas such as epidemiology and hazards to human and animal health, along with the more general management related topics of project management and policy development, is preparing me for my future career as well as increasing job satisfaction and commitment in my current workplace. I have been well supported by my employer with approval for study time and subsidisation of course costs, which helps a lot with balancing work and study commitments.

Katherine Clift
Veterinary Officer, PIRSA Animal Health SA, Australia

In order to assess the appropriateness of the course for our needs in the [MAF Verification] agency, I thought it would be a good idea to put someone through and also to do it myself. The content of the Leadership material is very good and its real value is practical application within the agency.

I have been able to apply much of it and the value of Mary's study is really evident in her work performance over the past semester.

Chris Mawson
Technical Manager, MAF Verification Agency, New Zealand

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and found it all very valuable (and I did arrive on the first day in Sydney with a fair dose of scepticism!). I find that a significant advantage of this course is that because interaction is on a continuous basis it facilitates learning and retention. I really do enjoy the input from different people with different backgrounds, different levels of experience and in different countries - it's great!

Andre Van Halderen
MAF Verification Agency, New Zealand