Promotion of Bonehealth in Chinese Children


To demonstrate improved bone health of Chinese school-age children through implementation of a two-year calcium and vitamin D trial based on milk products with prepubertal school girls.

Specific objectives
(a) To improve vitamin D status by achieving plasma vitamin D levels in the normal range (>12.5 nmol/l) in 95% of vitamin D supplemented subjects after 6-9 months

(b) To achieve significantly higher bone mineral content (after adjusting for bone size) and/or significantly greater bone width in supplementation groups than in unsupplemented controls

(c) To introduce Australian food products and technology to the participatants and to establish links between Australian companies and related Chinese authorities and industries

Other objectives:

  • To investigate bone metabolism of milk supplemented and unsupplemented subjects by means of bone biomarkers
  • To investigate the effect of vitamin D fortified milk on bone metabolism
  • To study the influence of vitamin D receptor alleles on bone mass acquisition of milk supplemented and unsupplemented subjects


Collaborating Institutions