Introduction - Farm Animal & Veterinary Public Health

Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health encompasses both teaching and research, and links these to provide the greatest possible benefit for the community.

Academics and support staff in Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health form a critical mass and are able to provide service to the community across many species, industries and scientific disciplines. We work extensively with collaborators from other institutions and the private sector both in Australia and overseas. We have a large network of contacts in government, academia and business and strive to ensure that our work is relevant and meets current and future community need.

Farm Animal and Veterinary Public Health includes the traditional disciplines of veterinary medicine epidemiology, state veterinary medicine, infectious diseases and public health. Each of the traditional and some emerging farm animal species and industries is also included: sheep, cattle, other ruminants, pigs, chickens and aquatic animals. To cover so much the Faculty has made significant investments in staff and because of its commitment to the production animal industries it will continue to play a key leadership role in ensuring animal health professionals have the skills needed to support and strengthen Australia’s livestock industries.