The Sydney School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney has a long and productive history in the area of Wildlife Health. Several research groups in the Faculty provide a range of postgraduate and collaborative opportunities in studies of a wide range of native and exotic, mammal, reptile, avian and fish species. Reflecting the complex nature of wildlife disease, this research is multidisciplinary, with collaborations among pathologists, immunologists, microbiologists, parasitologists, geneticists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists, ecologists and clinicians.

The Masters is designed to offer the student maximum flexibility so they can take full advantage of the opportunities available in the program. Depending on the student’s background, they may either complete the Masters with 48 credit points, or if the student does not meet the HEO 8 level requirements will need to complete 72 credit points. All students will take the 6 core units of study and complete the capstone 12 credit point research unit of study. Core units of study are offered in intensive 7 day blocks. Students needing 72 credit points will fill these in with electives offered in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science and the Faculty of Environmental Science.

The clinical, management and research expertise in our Faculty makes a valuable applied contribution to wildlife health through our Wildlife Health and Conservation Clinic at Camden. We also support zoological institutions and wildlife care groups by providing wildlife-specific clinical expertise and high quality and accessible wildlife diagnostics, through the Koala Health Hub and Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Services (VPDS).