Senior Executive Group

The Senior Executive Group (SEG) is a senior management decision-making body that also includes the deans of faculty. SEG is representative of the diverse academic and administrative communities in the University and is accountable to Senate for the academic and financial health of the University.

Operating within a context set by the Senate, SEG meets fortnightly and is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor.

Committees and divisional boards

A number of committees and divisional boards underpin SEG's decision-making.

The committees focus on key University-wide themes, such as education and research training, finance and infrastructure, and curriculum and course planning.

The divisional boards are charged with detailed strategic planning, portfolio analysis, and educational and research reform for groups of cognate faculties. Their focus is not on University-wide strategies, but on the particularities of diverse educational and research communities.

The divisions are arranged as follows:

  • The Division of Architecture and Creative Arts, which groups the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning with the Sydney College of the Arts and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • The Division of Business, which includes the University of Sydney Business School
  • The Division of Engineering and Information Technologies, which includes the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
  • The Division of Health Sciences, which includes the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • The Division of Humanities adn Social Sciences, which groups the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, and Law.
  • The Division of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, which groups the faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, and Pharmacy
  • The Division of Natural Sciences, which groups the faculties of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Science, and Veterinary Science