Tips for administration staff and managers

Use these web pages to help you work out the best visa option

Use the left hand menu topics to find the information you need. All the commonly used visa options are covered and the information walks you through University requirements; how the visas work, obligations for the University and the applicant, and how to apply. It includes links to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website and University policies and forms.

This information should be provided to prospective applicants and visitors. A unikey is not required to view these pages and they can be printed.

If in doubt contact the Immigration and Relocation Team

The Immigration and Relocation Team are our in-house experts. They provide advice and support to you and your applicant in applying for the right visa option, quickly and smoothly.

Sponsored visas - 2 step visa application process

To apply for an employer sponsored visa (the most common visa category), each individual applicant must go through two separate processes:

Step 1 - The University submits an Employer Nomination

This is the University’s application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requesting consideration for a role to be filled by a temporary resident visa holder. To enable the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to assess the role, the University (via the Immigration and Relocation Team) submits information on: responsibilities, main duties, contributions to research, experience required to fill the role, qualifications and training required by the successful applicant. A Position Description or selection criteria is very helpful for visa applications.

If the Employer Nomination is not approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the visa application will not be considered. It is for this reason that the Immigration and Relocation Team requests detailed information on all types of candidates including prospective occupational trainees and visiting academics.

Step 2 - The visa applicant lodges their visa application

The visa applicant can only have their application assessed once the Employer Nomination has been approved. Read the step-by-step guide on how to apply for each visa subclass on this website.

Read the fine print on health insurance that meets condition 8501

As temporary residents, holders of most of the commonly used visa options are generally not eligible for any medical treatment in Australia, including emergency medical treatment which would usually be covered under Medicare.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will not issue a visa until the visa applicant has produced evidence of having taken out health insurance at the appropriate level.

The importance of a comprehensive CV

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is looking to understand whether the qualifications held by the applicant match the position description/selection criteria and the individual’s experience is sufficient to be able to perform the functions of the role. All CVs should include:

  1. Home residential and work addresses
  2. Work and home phone numbers and email addresses
  3. Outline of previous work experience, including dates of employment with each employer, whether full time/part time or casual, and a short list of duties for each position
  4. Educational qualifications – e.g. PhD and thesis topic; Masters Degree and thesis topic
  5. Professional development history (training undertaken)
  6. List of publications.

If the CV that is put forward is not detailed enough, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will request more information which generally extends the decision making time frame.

Subclass 457 visa applicants - what happens if the position to be filled is not HEO6 (as required by the Visa and Work Rights Policy)?

In very specialised cases, the University will support an Employer Nomination and visa application for a candidate in a role which is lower in level than an HEO 6. You must submit a Position Description for review by the Immigration and Relocation Team prior to making any verbal offer to a candidate and preferably prior to advertising the role. Please note that it is highly unlikely that the University could successfully nominate any individual to fill an administrative or office management type role who is a subclass 457 visa holder.