Scholarships & funding


A very small number of Faculty Scholarships are offered each year to applicants who have been accepted into candidature. These scholarships are only available to cover most living costs. They cannot be used to pay tuition fees. For more information, please contact the HDR Administration Centre: .

Other scholarships available are:


Value $

Closing date

Other information

Tenable at the University of Sydney

Henry Bertie and Florence Mabel Gritton
Postgraduate Research Scholarships

as for APA

January and   July

For research in chemistry in relation to industry and agriculture.

Richard Claude Mankin Scholarship – Postgraduate

as for APA


For research into water conservation.

James Vincent Scholarship in Microbiology

up to 1000

31 March

APA or similar scholarship holders working in applied microbiology.

Awards restricted to candidates in Agriculture

Norman Scott Noble Scholarship

up to 1000


Travel grant or grant-in-aid to candidates in the discipline of agricultural entomology.

Irvine Armstrong Watson Scholarship

up to 500


Travel grant or grant-in-aid to candidates in the disciplines of agricultural genetics, biometry, plant breeding or plant pathology.

Faculty scholarships

The following are awarded annually depending on the availability of funds.

Nancy Roma Paech Postgraduate Scholarship

as for APA

31 October

Graduates with Hons I. For research in any field.

Thomas Lawrence Pawlett Postgraduate Scholarship

as for APA

30 November

Graduates for full-time research within faculty (preference to Hons I or II Div. 1 or equivalent).

FH Loxton Postgraduate Scholarship

as above

30 November

as above. Restricted to males.

General terms and conditions

The scholarships are awarded under the following general terms and conditions:

The object of the scholarships shall be the encouragement and promotion of the scientific study of agriculture within the Faculty.
The scholarships shall be awarded by the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, to University graduates, graduands or persons holding equivalent qualifications who are eligible for admission to candidature for a higher degree by research and thesis and who enrol as full-time candidates.
In awarding the scholarships, consideration shall be given to the work of the applicants during their undergraduate courses, their postgraduate careers, if any, and their special aptitude and ability to carry out the object of the scholarship.
The annual value of the scholarship shall be equal to the value of the Australian Postgraduate Awards and shall provide the same allowances as those awards
The maximum tenure of the scholarships shall be, in the case of a candidate:
for the degree of Master, for up to two years, or
for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, for three years and in exceptional circumstances may be extended by up to six months.
The tenure of the scholarships may be, in the case of a candidate:
who has been enrolled previously for a higher degree in the Faculty, reduced by the time credited towards the degree for which the candidate enrols, or
who is or has been enrolled for the same degree for which the scholarship is awarded, reduced by the time the candidate has been enrolled for that degree.
The scholar shall furnish progress reports to the Faculty annually at the end of the academic year and at other times if directed.
The scholar shall acknowledge the tenure of the scholarship in any thesis or other publication which shall result from such tenure.
No scholar shall, except with the approval of the Faculty, occupy any salaried position or hold any other award during the term of appointment. The scholar may undertake teaching assistance consistent with the University Postgraduate Research Award conditions.


Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS)

PRSS provides direct support to currently enrolled postgraduate research students to provide an opportunity to add value to your candidature by participating in a relevant professional activity that contributes to your career and adds esteem to the University. For example, PRSS will support students to present their research at national and international conferences and workshops, undertake specialist fieldwork or to use specialised equipment or facilities. Requests for equipment, computers and textbooks should be directed to the FRSS (Section 2.4.2).

Funds under this scheme are administered by the Faculty on a competitive basis according to the University guidelines. PhD students may apply up to three times during their candidature, MScAgr students may apply once. Up to $1200 may be requested for facilities and fieldwork, or $2000 for support to present at a conference. For eligibility and guidelines, see Research Funding, which will take you to further sites for detailed explanations of the scheme.

The scheme for the Faculty will be administered by Associate Professor Michael Kertesz (Ph: 8627 1022 or email: )

Faculty PG Research Support Scheme (FRSS)

Subject to current government and university policies, the Faculty will financially support PG research expenses. Students who receive substantial maintenance funding from outside sources (eg CRCs, ARC, GRDC, CRDC etc.) are not normally eligible for FRSS support. FRSS is designed to assist with the normal expenses of student research projects, including equipment, computers, chemicals, consumables, textbooks, journals, fieldwork and thesis preparation. The administration of these funds is the responsibility of the supervisor reporting to the Research Group Leader (Postgraduate Coordinator).

Funding will be made available:

  • for PhDs (3 years), for Masters (1.5 years)
  • for provision of a desktop computer from year 1 funds
  • for $400 thesis preparation expenses in the final year
  • at half the rate of full-time for part time students (but double the length of funded time)

Supervisors must account for the expenditure of funds to the Head of Department (Postgraduate Coordinator) by 14 December.