Student profiles

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  • Felipe Aires: Fire ecology of woody weeds in Australian forests and woodlands.
  • Stephen Akpa: Utilisation of Nigeria legacy soil data for digital mapping of functional soil properties
  • Farzina Akter: Groundwater salinity and interaction with surface water near Cootamundra, NSW
  • Sahar Al Dhaher: Properties of starch from Australians waxy wheat varieties.
  • Meilanie Buitenzorgy:The Effect of Democratic Transition on Environmental Quality: A Cross Country Empirical Analysis
  • Alberto Canarini: Sources and fate of dissolved organic matter affected by drought.
  • Claudia Carrasco: Substrate dynamics during oyster mushroom cultivation.
  • Mesfin Gessese: Genetics and Mapping of Rust Resistance Genes in Common & Durum Wheat Landraces
  • Edward Jones: Conjoint use of NIR and XRF spectroscopy in the field
  • Ali Khoddami: The effect of processing on various aspects of grain quality as human and animal food.
  • Dipangkar Kundu: Satellite data as complementary information to uncertainty measurements in un-gauged basins using SWAT.
  • Karunagaran Madhavan: Economics of Managing Pollution in a Catchment and in a Lake
  • Jason Morris: Generalized Method of Inferring Data Via Rule-Based Pattern Matching Over Pedotransfer Functions
  • Duc Minh Nguyen: Forest management and economic values of forest ecosystem services in the northwest region of Vietnam
  • Mary Otieno: Proteomic changes related to desiccation tolerance in Rhizobia.
  • Sam Player: Reconstructing the Angkorian Channel Network
  • Cheryl Poon: Influence of Black Carbon from Forest fires on Soil Organic Matter