Graduations Information

Graduand Assessment

During each semester the Student Administration Centre notifies all students who expect to successfully complete the requirements for their degree at the end of that semester. If you expect to graduate at the end of the current semester and have not received notification by the end of May in semester 1 or October in semester 2, please contact us.

Graduation Ceremonies

The Student Administration Centre will notify successful graduands as soon as possible after results have been received. If you believe that you have satisfied the requirements for your degree and you have not heard from us by the end of September (for semester 1) or the end of January (for semester 2) please contact us.

The Graduations Office of the Student Centre will send invitations to graduating students 2 to 3 weeks prior to the graduation date. In April/May there will usually be two ceremonies. In November/December there is usually one ceremony.

2012 Graduation Schedule
13 April
13 April

30 November      

MArch, Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Design
All other awards

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