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Hardware in the Labs

The Faculty provides both Mac and PC platforms, with the iMac 27" capable of dual-booting to either OSX or Windows operating systems. Below you will find details of their basic hardware specifications and locations.

  • Level 1
    Mezzanine: MIDEA Lab
  • Level 2
    Room 209: Masters Studio
    Room 261: Digital Media Lab
    Room 262: General Access Lab
    Room 269: Mac Lab
  • Level 3
    Room 313: Design Computing Lab
    Room 306: First year Design Studio
    Room 316: Second/Third year Design Studio
  • Level 4
    Room 405: Third year Design Studio
  • Level 5
    Room 526: Postgraduate Lab
    Room 508: Urban Design Studio

27 inch 2560x1440 LED backlight display
3.5GHz Quad-core i7
Wireless and Bluetooth enabeld

Software in the Labs

A long list of diverse, and very specific, software is installed on the above computers, some of which is unique to the Mac OSX operating system. The table below is an overview of the most frequently used software, for a more detailed listing of the software available and the location of the computers that provide them, please consult this software chart PDF.

While students have 24/7 access to most labs, some labs are booked for teaching during Semester teaching weeks. Please see the following table for when labs have been booked for teaching.

Other resources

Cisco VPN
Outlook config PDF