All currently enrolled students who intend to remain enrolled in the following year in the same course will be asked to re-enrol during Semester 2. In 2013, this process will be open from 22 October to 7 December and is completed via MyUni. Watch your University email account for notification that re-enrolment has opened - you will be sent instructions as to how to re-enrol during October.

For Coursework students, the subjects you select will be checked and confirmed in January and you will automatically receive a confirmation of enrolment and access to an invoice/Statement of Fees Due through MyUni. Your Student Campus Card will be sent to your Australian correspondence address by the end of March. Please ensure that your correspondence address is kept up-to-date.

Students who either do not re-enrol via this process, or whose re-enrolment is not successful (because of making inappropriate subject choices or not satisfying progression rules, for example) must enrol in person in February. The University will contact you with further instructions next year if this applies to you.

The Process

Step 1: Information Guides
Information about Unit of Study availability and content for next year is available via the links below for each program, alternatively you can search using the Units of Study search above. Please note that timetables are currently being finalised and will be available via the Faculty website as soon as they are confirmed.

Step 2: Select your units
Use the tables and unit descriptions to select your units of study for the whole year (or to meet the requirements for your degree if you expect to complete in Semester 1).

Step 3: Re-enrol through MyUni
Visit MyUni, click on MyAdmin and select Pre-enrolment to enter your Unit of Study selections. You will be able to change your subject selection until re-enrolment closes on 7 December, and enrolment variation will be available again from mid-February.

Step 4: Check your enrolment in late January
The University will either confirm your subject selection or advise if you need to enrol in person. Please check MyUni and your University email account regularly from late January to ensure that your enrolment and subject selections are confirmed.