The Emeritus Director

Alexander Cambitoglou

Emeritus Professor Alexander Cambitoglou, AO
Commander of the Order of the Phoenix, DUniv h.c.

Alexander Cambitoglou came to the University of Sydney in 1961, and was appointed Professor of Classical Archaeology and Curator of the Nicholson Museum in 1963. He became the Arthur and Renee George Professor of Classical Archaeology in 1978 and retired from his Chair, becoming Emeritus Professor, in 1989. He continued as the Curator of the Nicholson Museum until December 2000, and remains the Director of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens.

Professor Cambitoglou was educated at the Universities of Thessalonike, Manchester, London and Oxford, where he was taught by such esteemed academics as the Late Professor T.B.L. Webster, Professor Martin Robertson and the Late Sir John Beazley.

On completing his DPhil at Oxford University, he took up teaching positions, first at the University of Mississippi and, later, at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. Since coming to Australia in 1961, Professor Cambitoglou has worked to promote Australian research in Greece, beginning in 1967 with the establishment of the Australian excavations at the Geometric settlement of Zagora on Andros, a collaboration between the Athens Archaeological Society and the University of Sydney. This fruitful collaboration was continued with the Australian Expedition to Torone, begun in 1975. Perhaps the greatest legacy that Professor Cambitoglou has provided Australian scholars working in Greece is the establishment of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, founded in 1980.

The Australian Archaeological Institute provides assistance to Australian scholars working in Greece through its Athens office and hostel, and also promotes the study of Classics and Classical Archaeology in Australia through its academic programmes and the Annual Visiting Professorship. In addition to his publications on the results of the Zagora and Torone excavations which he has conducted, Professor Cambitoglou is a world authority on the subject of Red-figure vase painting of the Greek colonies of South Italy. On this topic, he collaborated with the Late Professor A.D. Trendall for over 40 years.

Professor Cambitoglou retired from the position of AAIA Director in 2016.

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The Acting Director

Dr Stavros A. Paspalas

Dr Stavros Paspalas

On the retirement of Professor Alexander from the Directorship of the AAIA in March 2016 the Executive Board appointed the Deputy Director, Dr Stavros A. Paspalas, as Acting Director until such time as a Director is appointed.
Dr Paspalas received his BA (Hons) and MA (Hons) degrees from the University of Sydney and his doctorate from the University of Oxford. He was appointed as Deputy Director of the AAIA in 1996. His research interests include the Greek world’s links with Lydia and the Achaemenid Empire, the archaeology of the northern Aegean during the Archaic and Classical periods, and the Early Iron Age Aegean. He is involved in a number of field projects, most actively recently in the Zagora Archaeological Project which he co-directs with Professor Margaret Miller and Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont, both of the University of Sydney. He worked for many years on the excavations at Torone and on the Australian Paliochora Kythera Archaeological Survey. He has published on the cultural exchanges between Greece, especially Macedonia, and its eastern neighbours, ceramic studies, and matters related to the iconography of the ancient world.

Listen to Stavros' talk with Themis Kallos on SBS radio, recorded September 2017.