Sir Francis Anderson, MA, LLD (hon.)

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1914–16, & 1920–21

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 1914–16, & 1920–21

[image: courtesy of University of Sydney Archives G3 224 1622]

Francis Anderson, Scottish-born, graduated in Arts from Glasgow University.

Anderson joined the university in 1888 as lecturer in the new department of Logic and Mental Philosophy. After two years he was appointed to the foundation Challis chair of Logic and Mental Philosophy, and continued teaching until his retirement in 1921.

Anderson was first elected dean of the faculty to complete M.W. MacCallum’s term of office (when MacCallum resigned early); he was then re-elected, but he, too, resigned mid-way through his own term and was succeeded by MacCallum. He was then elected for one more term of office in 1920, again to succeed MacCallum. Prior to being dean, Anderson had also served as chair of the Professorial Board.

Anderson was an important educational reformer, both within this faculty and beyond, being also instrumental in the reform of New South Wales education. In the Arts faculty he was responsible for the creation of the chair of Education, the first such chair in Australia. Additionally, it was principally owing to his initiatives that the new disciplines of Psychology and Anthropology came to be established in this faculty, their foundation chairs also being the first in Australia.

He received an honorary doctorate from Glasgow University in 1927 and a knighthood in 1936.
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