Honorary Associates

  • Valerie Attenbrow, FAHA
  • Jean (Judy) Birmingham, FAHA
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    Archaeologies of historical Australia - settlement, urban growth, industrial, commerce etc; archaeologies of Indigenous - European interaction
  • Stephen Bourke
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    Director of the Pella Excavation Project; Director of the Teleilat Ghassul Project; Levantine archaeology from the Neolithic through the Iron Ages; trade and foreign relations; ceramic analysis; physical anthropology; multivariate statistical analysis of large data sets
  • Alison Carter
  • Mary Casey
  • Sarah Colley
  • Kathryn Da Costa
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    The archaeology of the Roman Empire in the Near East; the archaeology of the relationship between foreign political administration and indigenous culture; the archaeology of tax and trade; ceramic analysis
  • Jean-Paul Descoeudres, FAHA
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    Early Greek colonization; Euboean black-figure pottery; pre-Roman Pompeii; Orikos (Albania)
  • Paul Donnelly
  • Melanie Fillios
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    Taphonomy of modern animal bone; ancient human-animal interactions
  • Martin Gibbs
  • Melissa Gibbs
  • Ian Gilligan
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    Archaeology of prehistoric clothing; textiles and agricultural origins; psychological and philosophical aspects of clothing
  • J. Richard Green
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    Classical Archaeology; Greek pottery; ancient theatre performance; South Italy; the site of the ancient theatre, Paphos (Cyprus)
  • Thomas Hikade
  • Monica Jackson
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    Hellenistic gold jewellery, provenance, chronology, technique and style
  • Ina Kehrberg-Ostrasz
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    Socio-historical interpretations of artefacts related to find contexts; commercial norms of productions of Classical-periods ceramics in Jordan and Jarash
  • Michael Knight
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    Groundwater in antiquity: conceptual understanding and practical use from the beginning (c 7Ma) to the 16th Century AD; relevance for today
  • Nina Kononenko
  • Eileen Lustig
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    Analysis of textual data from Khmer language Angkorian period (9th-14th c). inscriptions; political economy; communication; temple administration; temple personnel; non-monetised societies
  • Terry Lustig
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    Hydro-archaeology; water artefacts; archaeology of water structures and water engineering; water in landscape archaeology; mathematical analyses of epigraphy
  • Bernadette McCall
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    Settlement archaeology in southwest Iran (Neolithic to Achaemenid periods); the archaeology of Elam (Iran); landscape archaeology; ancient glass studies; network analysis; scientific methods in archaeology
  • Michele Minardi
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    Archaeology and history of Central Asia; archaeology and history of Ancient Chorasmia
  • Christophe Pottier
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    Architecture, archaeology and history of mainland southeast Asia
  • Wendy Reade
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    Archaeological Conservation; Archaeometry; Near Eastern, Egyptian and Mediterranean Archaeology especially with reference to materials analysis, and in particular, glass
  • Till Sonnemann
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    Archaeological prospection; geophysics; remote sensing; GIS, landscape archaeology; settlements; heritage; hazards
  • James Specht, FAHA
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    The prehistory of the western Pacific Islands, particularly Papua New Guinea; the history of museum collections
  • Marjorie Sullivan
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    Quaternary studies; geoarchaeology; prehistoric human impact on landscape in arid and coastal Australia
  • Hugh Thomas
  • Robin Torrence, FAHA
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    Prehistoric archaeology of the Pacific region; stone tools; indigenous agency; ethnographic collections
  • Arianna Traviglia
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    Landscape archaeology; Ancient Topography; Roman and Late Antiquity Archaeology; Informatic applications to Archaeology; Remote Sensing and GIS applications in Landscape research; Land division systems; Agricultural landscapes; Water management systems; Archaeological fieldwork
  • Robyn Veal
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    Natural resource economics of the ancient world; Landscape archaeology and history; climate and environment; ancient science and technology
  • John Peter White, FAHA
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    Austalian and Western Pacific prehistory; obsidian exchange; human-animal interaction; ethnoarchaeology