Archaeology major: units of study

ARCA1000 Early Humans: Hunters and Farmers
ARCA1001 Ancient Civilisations
ARCA1002 Archaeology: An Introduction
ARCA2635 Explanation and Theory in Archaeology
ARCA2601 Laboratory Methods
ARCA2602 Field Methods
ARCA2603 Archaeology of Sydney
ARCA2604 Ancient Levant: land of wine & merchants
ARCA2605 Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia
ARCA2606 Maps, Time and Visualisation
ARCA2607 Digital Methods
ARCA2608 Near Eastern Ancient Civilisations
ARCA2609 Foreign Relations of Ancient Egypt
ARCA2610 Minoans and Mycenaeans
ARCA2611 Ancient Mediterranean Lives
ARCA2612 A Greek Odyssey: The First Millenium BC
ARCA2613 Athenian Art, Architecture and Society
ARCA2614 Contact and Exchange in South Italy
ARCA2615 Etruscans and Romans
ARCA2616 Early South and East Asian Cultures
ARCA2617 Analysis of Archaeological Materials
ARCA2618 World Heritage in Context
ARCA2619 The Splendour of Ancient China
ARCA2620 Maritime Archaeology
ARCA2621 Advanced Archaeology Practicum
ARCA2623 The Art of the Ancient Near East
ARCA2624 The Ancient Greek Body
ARCA2625 Urbanism and the Industrial Transition
ARCA2626 Material Culture, Forgeries and Loot
ARCA2627 Vesuvian Cities
ARCA2630 Historical and Contemporary Archaeology
ARCA2631 Highlands and Lowlands of Ancient Iran
ARCA2632 Land Between Two Rivers: Mesopotamia
ARCA2633 Silk Road Archaeology
ARCA2634 Mobility and the Sedentary Transition
ARCA2636 Global Dispersions of Humans
ARCA2637 Archaeology in Film
ARCA2638 Analysis of Lithic Technology
ARCA2639 Archaeological Principles and Practice
ARCA2640 Hunter-Gatherer Paleoeconomies
ARCA2641 Zooarchaeology
ARNE2602 Ancient Mesopotamia
ARCA3600 Research Principles
ARCA3601 Research in Australasian Archaeology
ARCA3602 Greece and the East
ARCA3603 Ionia and the East Greek World
ARCA3604 Death and Burial in the Classical World
ARCA3605 Dialogue of Civilizations: West and East
ARCA3620 Archaeology and Iconography
ARCA3621 Foundations of Western Civilisation
BDES3030 Roman Architecture