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Power Institute Alumni and Friends Association

The Power Institute Alumni and Friends Association was formed in 1998 to assist with the planning and fund raising for the new Schaeffer Fine Arts Library, and to support the activities of the Power Institute. Its inaugural event was a highly successful 30th anniversary Alumni reunion party which brought together many friends, colleagues and staff.

The purpose of the Association today is to provide a focus of mutual interest in the visual arts for people who have studied in the Department of Art History and Film Studies, as well as like-minded ‘friends’ from the community. Members may participate in special Alumni events at a small charge, attend free Power Public Education lectures, as well as lend support to Power Institute projects.

The Alumni and Friends are governed by a committee of vounteers. Current President is Ms Sue Hunt, General Manager, Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

2007 Committee Members: Sue Hunt, Pamela Bell, Marah Braye, Ione Conquistador, Dinah Dysart, Deborah Edwards, Christine France, Annette Larkin, Jeremy Smith.

Activities of the Alumni group include an occasional series of talks on collecting by distinguished art collectors. A second occasional series offers lectures relating to major exhibitions being held in Sydney or elsewhere with invited special speakers and curators. Drinks in the Schaeffer Library usually precede the events, providing a friendly and social atmosphere.

The Alumni newsletter includes news and publications of alumni, activities of the Power Institute and Department of Art History and Film Studies, and dates and details of events for your diary.

If you are a graduate in Fine Arts (Department of Art History and Theory/Film Studies) at the University of Sydney, please consider supporting your home Department and joining the 400 Alumni and Friends currently on our database. You are invited to submit your details for our mailing or email list to receive news and notice of upcoming events. This will also be a great opportunity to catch up with former fellow students, attend informative talks and social events, and take advantage of networking opportunities. If you want to become involved in supporting and promoting the aims of the Power Foundation through its fundraising program, let us know your ideas!

Contact Susan Thomas (Power Institute) with enquiries about membership, and to ensure you are kept in touch with forthcoming alumni activities.

Tel: + 61 2 9351 4211
Email contact: