Monograph publication by Departmental colleague Bruce Isaacs

By Amelia Kelly

4 March, 2013

The Power is proud to announce the publication of The Orientation of Future Cinema by Departmental colleague Bruce Isaacs.

This month sees the publication of Departmental colleague Bruce Isaacs´ monograph, The Orientation of Future Cinema. With this publication comes a timely reminder that uniquely in Australia, our Department is committed both to the moving image as well as the still image. Bruce’s monograph is a major achievement, and we congratulate him on his success. Below is a description of the book, which will be launched on the shortly at the University of Sydney’s Schaeffer Library. We will post the date on our website, soon and hope to see you there!

The Orientation of Future Cinema

In the wake of the take-up of digital technology in cinema production – from preproduction to new forms of exhibition – I became interested in the fate of ‘cinema’ as we’d come to understand that term – and that object – over the last century. This book tries to grapple with the fate of cinema in an era of exponential technological expansion, from low end, low-fi independent vehicles to the most lavish techno-productions coming out of the current Hollywood studio system. My claim is fairly straight-forward: while the technology of moving images has profoundly changed in the last decade, cinema materialises ever more forcefully in digital capture and augmentation, 3-D perception and affect, High Frame Rate cinema, and the evolution of the contemporary blockbuster film.  
Bruce Isaacs
Bloomsbury 2013