Art History and Film Studies Research Seminars

Semester One 2015

Seminars are held in the Mills Building, seminar room 210, next to Schaeffer Library
Thursdays, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

26 March
Dr Jacqueline Millner (SCA) and Dr Catriona Moore (Department of Art History & Film Studies)
"'Performing Oneself Badly': Contemporary Feminist Performance and the Neo-Burlesque"

16 April
A/Prof Natalya Lusty (Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney)
"Surrealism in the Hallucinatory City"

14 May
Lesa-Belle Furhagen (Department of Art History & Film Studies)
"The Sublime and Uncanny Spaces Lurking in George Grey's Northern Kimberly Cave Paintings"
Vigen Galstyan (Department of Art History & Film Studies)
"Architectural photography as visual historiography in the Armenian cultural networks, 1860 – 1900"

21 May, 4:00 – 6:00pm
Woolley Common Room,
John Woolley Building
Please note different start time and venue for this session

Discussion with Prof. Tim Barringer (Yale University) and visiting Yale University graduate students: Edward Cooke (specialist in American Decorative arts who has also taught a course on Australian Decorative arts) and Gillian Forrester (Curator, Yale Center for British Art). Meredith Gamer (current post-doc at Yale who has been recently appointed to the Art History Department at Columbia) is also attending.

This seminar has been devised in order to put this group in dialogue with those working on Australian art and the study of Empire in our Department. The conversation will be a free flowing one, with a loose thematic structure. Although the main focus is on Australian Art and 19th-century Global empires we will be ranging broadly and welcome all staff and post-graduates to be part of what I am sure will be a very stimulating conversation.

This two hour session will be followed by drinks from 6pm to 6.30pm and then Tim Barringer will present his public lecture “Empire Mourning: The Pattcham Chattri and the Architecture of Imperial Ambivalence” from 6.30 – 8pm in Lecture Theatre 101, New Law School, Eastern Avenue.

The lecture is free.

The same lecture is the keynote for the Gallipoli/Gelibolu symposium at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on 22 May. The Gallipoli/Gelibolu symposium is also free.

Semester Two 2014

Seminars are held in the Mills Building, seminar room 210, next to Schaeffer Library
Wednesdays, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Wednesday 6 August
Ann Stephen, Senior Curator, University Art Gallery and Art Collections
'Len Lye’s Tusalavu: An Australasian Reading of Totem & Taboo'

Wednesday 20 August
Bruce Isaacs, Department of Art History and Film Studies
'Reality Effects: The Ideology of the Long Take in the Cinema of Alfonso Cuaron'

Wednesday 3 September
Richard Smith, Department of Art History and Film Studies
'The Sovereign Woman from Lubitsch to Wilder: Aristocracy, Oligarchy and Democracy in 30's Hollywood Romantic Comedy'

Wednesday 17 September
Josh Wheatley, Department of Art History and Film Studies
'Trash Aesthetics in American Cinema'

Wednesday 15 October
Stephen Whiteman, Department of Art History and Film Studies
'Visualizing historical imaginaries: Digital mapping and the imperial landscapes of Qing China'

Wednesday 29 October
Andreas Wong, Department of Art History and Film Studies
'"You Like Me": Evil in David Lynch's Blue Velvet'

Semester One 2014

Seminars are to be held in the Mills Building, seminar room 211, Schaeffer Library
12:00pm - 2:00pm Mondays

Seminar flyer available here

Monday 17 March
Roger Benjamin
Mosque, Aloe and Corner: Paul Klee's geomancy of Hammamet

Monday 24 March
Lisa Beaven
Claude Lorrain and La Crescenza: Landscape, ecology and climate change in the Roman Campagna

Monday 28 April
Donna Brett
Encountering German history in Thomas Demand's photographs

Monday 19 May
Robert Wellington
A War of Visual Histories: The Duke of Marlborough's appropriation of Louis XIV’s triumphal imagery

Semester Two 2013

Seminars are to be held in the Mills Building, room 210
12:00pm - 2:00pm Mondays

Seminar flyer available here

August 12th
Professor Michael Tawa (Professor of Architecture, University of Sydney)
"Interstice, Memory and Mnemonics in Cinema and Architecture."

August 19th
This seminar is a Power Lecture. This will be held at the Footbridge Theatre at 6:00pm.
Professor Hamid Naficy (Althani Professor of Communication (Radio-TV-Film) at Northwestern University)
"Iranian Pre-revolution Cinema - Cinema as an Agent of Modernity."
The lecture will be preceded by a feature length film. Impressions of a City: Tehran Today, 1977 by Khoshrow Sinai.

September 2nd
Olivia Hopkins (PhD candidate AHFS)
"The Southern Imaginary in Two Thousand Maniacs and 2001 Maniacs."

September 23rd
John Di Stefano (SCA)
"Homing-video: Home Video and Transnational Displacement."

October 14th
Stefan Solomon (Visiting Research Fellow, SLAM)
On the collaboration between Dudley Murphy and William Faulkner.

October 21st
Emme Devonish (PhD candidate AHFS)
"The Consciousness of Circular Narrative: Childhood, Death and Rebirth."