Art Curating and Art Curatorship Internships

The internship units of study ARHT 6923 and ARHT 6942 are open to Masters or Graduate Diploma students of new Art Curating program, and to Masters or Graduate Diploma students continuing in the Art Curatorship program.

Art Curatorship students need to undertake both of these units of study. We advise you not to enroll in the first internship unit (ARHT 6923) in the first semester of your course, unless you are completing your course in one year, full time. In this case, we advise you to take one internship per semester.

Art Curating Graduate Diploma and Masters students can undertake ARHT 6942 as an elective. We advise that you are best not to enroll in this elective unit in the first semester of your course. Art Curating Masters students can undertake ARHT 6923 as a capstone. Capstone units are intended to be taken at the end of a degree. Masters students have the choice between an internship and a dissertation for their degree capstone.

The internship aims to:

  • broaden students' skills, expertise and experience in museum/gallery work.
  • enable students to explore how specific areas of museum/gallery practice fit into the larger institutional infrastructure in order to expand students' understanding of museum work.
  • enable students to develop an understanding of the relationship between museum/gallery theory and institutional practice and to explore current debates in a chosen area of museum work.
  • develop students' awareness, understanding and critical appreciation of art museum and gallery culture.

Our internships:

  • are an integral and compulsory part of our Graduate Diploma and Master degrees for Art Curating and Art Curatorship.
  • are supervised by professionals in the art museum and gallery sector
  • are 20 days long
  • are undertaken at different rates. For example, one student might work 5 days a week for 4 weeks straight; another might work 2 days a week for 10 weeks. You are free to make any arrangements that are convenient to you and your workplace supervisor, provided that twenty, 7-hour days are completed and there is no conflict with class room sessions for your other units of study.
  • take place in Australian and international institutions that vary widely in size, collection type and museology
  • are established by you in an institution of your choice, with the assistance of the Internship Officer
  • are project-based; allowing institution supervisors to gain real support for finite or ongoing projects or for the development of new projects, and allowing students to become involved in work that has an identifiable outcome
  • usually involve one or a small number of projects in an area of art museum and gallery sector work – for example, registration, education, exhibitions etc. However, especially in smaller institutions, internships have involved projects across a number of such areas.
  • require students to prepare written assessments and to make a presentation
  • require institution supervisors to complete an assessment of the student's work performance during the internship

Early in the semester in which you are enrolled, you will be notified of a compulsory internship information session which will cover the various processes and requirements of the internship. You must not approach an institution for an internship until you have attended one of these sessions or have met with the Internship Officer, to discuss your application plans.

If you are pre-enrolled in an internship unit you will have access to an internships Blackboard site. If you are seeking to commence a placement before the information session, you can seek guidance from this Blackboard site and then contact the Internship Officer.