Museum Studies Internships

Internships are an integral and compulsory part of our Graduate Diploma and Master degrees for Museum Studies. Each student of these degrees must undertake the two internship units of study MUSM7004 and MUSM7005.

Each of these units of study involves undertaking 20-days of placement. Students almost always undertake two seperate 20-day internships. However, it is an option to undertake one 40-day placement.

Students are free to enroll in the internship units at any point in their degree. However, students generally do not begin their first internship until they have completed the mandatory and introductory subject, The Museum Context.

Program Objectives

The internship program aims to:

  • broaden students' skills, expertise and experience in museum work.
  • enable students to explore how specific areas of museum practice fit into the larger institutional infrastructure in in order to expand students' understanding of museum work.
  • develop an understanding of the relationship between museum theory and institutional practice and to explore current debates in a chosen area of museum work.
  • develop awareness, understanding and critical appreciation of museum culture.

Internship Arrangements

An internship may be taken in a full-time block or at a slower, part-time rate. Students are free to make arrangements that are convenient for themselves and their workplace supervisor, provided that the equivalent of the number of necessary 7-hour days are completed, and there is no conflict with class room sessions.

Students apply for and arrange their internship with advice and assistance from the Internship Officer. Students must not apply for an internship before they have attended an internship information session, or have met with the Internship Officer to discuss their application approach.

The internships are project based, and each project is negotiated and agreed between the supervisor, student, the Internship Officer and the Academic Co-ordinator of Internships before the internship begins.

Host institutions

Our students undertake internships in various Australian and international institutions – in museums and galleries that vary in size, collection type and museology, but also in related institutions including libraries, archives, auction houses, private corporations with collections, art lenders, museum and gallery organisations, or organisations that run art fairs, festivals, biennales and the like.

Further information

An outline of our internship program for prospective supervisors can be downloaded. This outline includes the contact details of the Internship Officer, who will be delighted to discuss potential internship projects.

Students seeking further information are welcome to contact the Internship Officer. The internship information documents that students usually obtain early in the semester in which they are enrolled for an internship can be provided early upon request.