Current Postgraduate Research

  • Catherine Blake
    'Marvellous Inventions': Vitale da Bologna and the Ingenuity of Painting, 1330-1360
  • Eliza Cazzato
    Scenographies of Revolution and Empire: Stage Designers and Visual Artists in France, 1780-1815
  • Ivan Cerecina
    The Economics, Politics and Poetics of the Short Documentary Film in the French Fourth Republic, 1946-195
  • Angie Contini
    Between Time and Eternity: Reimagining Spiritual Complexity through Musical Meaning and the Cinematic Human Figure
  • Eniko Hidas
    Photography and the industrial uncanny in Hungary 1890-1939
  • Tuan Nguyen
    Queering Australian Museums: Management, Collections, Exhibitions and Connections
  • Natali Pearson
    The Ethics of Cultural Heritage in Indonesia
  • Diana Reynolds
    The Victorian Artist: Perspectives on Cultural, Social, Political and Religious Themes. 1850 – 1870
  • Elena Sarno
    Playful Filmmaking: Ludic Practices in Narrative Cinema
  • Nima Sotoudeh
    Cinema Lives: Film Criticism in the Digital Age
  • Victoria Souliman
    Defining the Australianness of Australian Art: the British influence in the Interwar years
  • Ann Sutherland
    Gum Leaf Diplomacy: Australian Cultural Diplomacy and its Impact on the Evolution of a Nationally Distinctive Visual Arts
  • Maria (Connie) Tornatore-Loong
    Cosmopolitan Spirits: Jean Mary Bellette and Paul Haefliger
  • Jana Vytrhlik
    The Great Synagogue in Sydney and its C18th Dutch Silver Rimmonim: A Provenance Case Study in the History of Art
  • Andrew Ward
    Identity, Place and Intersubjectivity: Agnes Martin and Roni Horn
  • Pete Wright
    Beyond Decay: Zombies, Media and Materiality